In-depth analyses of clothing and its uses. Why do people wear what they wear?

Spectrum of Truth – Is Truth Really Black and White?

Can truth be thought of as a rainbow of various ideas?
The following writing is a short essay i wrote in a college class that illustrates the complexities of truth using color as an analogy.
My hope is that as we explore our own ideas about fashion and color, we will see and value the beautiful subjective truth in each other’s opinions. While also maybe finding deeper, universally shared truths that we can apply to how we wear what we wear.

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I’ll Be Honest – Fashion and Depression

I think honesty is important. Especially when it has to do with your emotional well being. I've been dealing with depression and huge personal changes. I don't feel capable of writing anything else on this blog if i don't open up about this. 2016 was a rough year for...

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The Story Begins – Fashion as a Form of Storytelling

I believe fashion is a form of storytelling…. Delving into that idea is the core purpose in starting this blog… What you wear tells people who you are and what you love–It tells a story. It’s personal and you bring it with you wherever you go. What if we could make our clothes declare, with even greater strength, the truth of who we are? What if our outfits could be a catalyst for conversations about the things we’re passionate about?
The plan is to explore the depths of these ideas….

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