In-depth analyses of clothing and its uses. Why do people wear what they wear?

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is (basically) the study of all things about all people in all places throughout all time. It takes a deep look at various cultures–with the intention of being objective and non-judgemental in doing so–to find differences and similarities, and discover what it truly means to be human.

How we dress is one of many aspects that we can use to understand who we are as people.

Vibrant Urban Poet: A Style Story Interview with Tajinder Kaur | + Punjabi Culture and Sparking Conversation Through Clothes

“No matter what style I choose to wear, whether it’s streetwear or a whimsical style, colour and confidence will always be present.” – Tajinder Kaur

Tajinder is determined, talented, genuine, beautiful, and has a unique and vivid sense of style. What first brought her blog to my attention is the mix of her quirky style along with her beautifully raw poetry–It’s an example of a fashion blog that is truly a “must-read” and not just a “must-view”.

Read her Style Story to learn more about her:

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