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Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt – Eighth Round: Highlight Reel vs. Real Life – #FashionSelfLoveParty Game

Today Savana Rae talked about loving ourselves and having confidence despite how social media (especially INSTAGRAM!) can often make us feel.

Now’s your turn to find and photograph clothing that will put this idea to action!

Photograph one or more pieces that fit one of these criteria:
1. Your favorite OOTD from your Instagram posts
2. An untouched selfie–No filters, no edits–Just your beautiful self
3. That clothing piece that makes you feel unique and wonderful just as you are

Fashion + Self Love Party: For the Love of the Gram – A Short Guide for Increasing Self-Love Despite Social Media Influence

Guest post by Savana from Official Savana Rae.
Instagram has so much interesting content and impressive content creators. However, the bar is set very high. When the bar is set as high as it is, growing may become an issue. It mainly drives attention to the biggest accounts–which undermines the rest no matter how good your content may be.

I have noticed that a lot of people have been affected by this, and a big loss in confidence has increased in my fellow influencers and those who follow me.

I want to give you some self-love advice that I myself follow when I feel low, because let’s face it–we all have THOSE days.

This guide to increase self-love is one that I find incredibly useful, as my mom reminds most days that we all need to love ourselves first so that we can be at peace. Think about it this way, if you didn’t love yourself, how can you feel at peace?

Fashion + Self Love Party: Perks of Being Single & “Self-Date” Outfit Ideas

Guest post by Erriel from Erriel J’s Life Chronicles. 
I am only 21 and I enjoy being single, honestly. Not having to worry about someone else and just focusing on yourself for a while is refreshing, honey!
For Valentine’s Day I am treating myself to a “self-date” which means I will be taking myself out on a date! But, what do you wear on a self-date?
Here are my top 3 outfits for a Valentine’s Day Self-Date!

Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt – Seventh Round: Love Yourself – #FashionSelfLoveParty Game

Today Eliza talked about the benefits of loving yourself deeply and unconditionally, and how a little tiny bit of narcissism can ACTUALLY be a good thing.

Now’s your turn to find and photograph clothing that will put this idea to action!

Photograph one or more pieces that fit one of these criteria:
1. That piece you feel most attractive in
2. A piece you don’t own but think you would look STUNNING in
3. Outfit that describes who you see yourself to be

Fashion + Self Love Party: 5 Reasons Why Narcissism Can Actually Improve Your Life

Guest post by Eliza from Aesthetic Distance.
Narcissism gets a bad rap in the media and pop culture. When we call someone a narcissist, it is almost never a compliment. They have a reputation for being sociopaths. We say we can’t stand them, but research shows we actually tend to view them as more confident, intelligent and attractive than other people. Sure, at the extreme (which is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder), it can lead to a lack of empathy and a sense of entitlement. But then why are so many narcissists successful and well-respected? Since we live in a world of “the personal brand,” I’m here to dispute the bad reputation of narcissism and talk about the good parts of being a narcissist.

Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt – Sixth Round: Self-Discovery – #FashionSelfLoveParty Game

Today Imaan talked about experimenting with trends and new clothing styles for self-discovery.

Now’s your turn to find and photograph clothing that will put this idea to action!

Photograph one or more pieces that fit one of these criteria:
1. That piece you didn’t expect to like or look good in
2. That piece that helps draw you out of your comfort zones
3. A trend that you think you might try

Fashion + Self Love Party: Channelling Influences to Suit You – How Style and Identity Bring about Personal Change

Guest post by Imaan from The August Clause.
Identity is something that I have struggled and still do struggle with, and I can confidently
say that I have an existential crisis almost every second day. I took my personal experience
of struggling to fit into a specific mold and tried to make sense of it, with the one thing I
love– fashion.
The more I started to incorporate small, subtle trend pieces the more I saw the way I dress
evolve, and funny enough, the more I started to understand myself.

Fashion + Self Love Party: Labeled, Only By Yourself – How to Define Your Own Personal Style

Guest post by Gwendolyn from Reckless Resale.

We like clothing labels.
Could you create a label that fully describes your content? Would you be able to list all your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs? You can imagine the lengthy list of instructions on the label would require.
Practicing self-love naturally affords you with increased confidence, poise, and self-assurance.
Practicing self-love naturally assists you with defining your own personal style, labeled only by yourself.
Here are some simple steps to help you create that personal style:

Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt – Fith Round: Uplifted Attitude – #FashionSelfLoveParty Game

Today Lia talked about Uplifting your attitude through your fashion and beauty routine.

Now’s your turn to find and photograph clothing that will put this idea to action!

Photograph one or more pieces that fit one of these criteria:
1. A piece that makes you really happy
2. Best to wear on a bad day
3. Your favorite pair of heels

Fashion + Self Love Party: Uplift Your Confidence and Self-Esteem with Fashion

Guest post by Lia from A Southern Girl, Lia.
Fashion and the clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood and attitude.
The magic begins when you find a super cute outfit, you put it on grab some heels and Bam! You see a different person in the mirror and so you start acting like one too. Your confidence starts showing and you start building a high self-esteem. Don’t forget that little dance we all do in front of the mirror when we are feeling fabulous.
I hope that my step by step routine is of help to you!

Fashion + Self Love Party: Love Your Style, Love Yourself

Guest post by Alice from A Lot on Your Mind.
Two psychologists, Hajo and Galinksy (2012), coined the term ‘enclothed cognition’ which argues that your style reflects and affects your mood, health, and overall confidence. If our clothes affect our mood, why don’t we choose the clothes that express our best selves and will make us feel legitimately beautiful?
Here are some tips to owning your personal style:

Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt – Fourth Round: Wardrobe Love – #FashionSelfLoveParty Game

Today Lindsey talked about cutting back spending and making the most out of the wardrobe you already have.

Now’s your turn to find and photograph clothing that will put this idea to action!

Photograph one or more pieces that fit one of these criteria:
1. That piece you forgot about, but totally need to wear again!
2. That piece you don’t wear anymore, but can’t get rid of
3. That versatile piece that you can wear in a multitude of different ways!

Fashion + Self Love Party: Curbing Unhealthy Spending & Loving the Wardrobe You Already Have

Guest post by Lindsey from Have Clothes, Will Travel.
Living in a day and age where everywhere we turn there is pressure to buy the latest and greatest fashion makes it very easy to fall into the “retail therapy” trap. And to make it even more difficult, our brain actually releases the pleasure-inducing chemical dopamine when you buy something new…
…getting addicted to this high is not only bad for your overall self-esteem, it can, obviously, be very damaging to your wallet.
However, I’ve taken a few measures to correct this…
… the trick to it all is creating the illusion you have a ton of clothes by swapping out key pieces when styling your outfits with clothes you already own.

Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt – Third Round: Soothe The Broken Heart – #FashionSelfLoveParty Game

Today Josie talked about how clothes can comfort heartache.

Now’s your turn to find and photograph clothing that will put this idea to action!

Photograph one or more pieces that fit one of these criteria:
1. The coziest piece you own
2. That piece that saw you through hard times
3. That piece you really want to buy

Fashion + Self Love Party: What to Wear When Your Heart’s Been Broken

Finding Comfort in Your Clothes After Heartbreak:
Guest post by Josie Mills from Open Mind Fashion (OMF).
I kissed a few frogs on the path to meeting my prince, my husband. And along the way, some left me green and croaking for a while. In those tough times, I would become even more aware of the textures & qualities of my clothes–my clothes became a form of solace, and dressing up would help me get through the next day even though I wanted to die.

Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt – Second Round: Comfort Zones – #FashionSelfLoveParty Game

Today Charlene talked about finding confidence by dressing outside your comfort zone.

Now’s your turn to find and photograph clothing that will put this idea to action!

Photograph one or more pieces that fit one of these criteria:
1. That piece that you like, though others may not
2. An item that kinda scares you (in a good, comfort-zone pushing, sort of way) to think about wearing
3. A piece that makes you feel like the strongest version of yourself.

Fashion + Self Love Party: Dressing Outside Your Comfort Zone

Guest post by Charlene McElhinney.
I rocked some tight fishnet styled jeans with some extremely
high heels and an awesome studded bikers jacket. It was totally out of my comfort zone, but
let me tell you, I felt like a total bad-ass. I felt incredible. Confidence burst out from
somewhere within me and it was evident in the finalized photos. And it all came down to
what I was wearing. It helped me to get right in to the zone, it helped me to feel fierce, it
allowed me to express myself in a way I’d never done before.

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