Style Stories:


Have you ever wondered what somebody was thinking when they chose their outfit?


Whether you love their style or just don’t get it, you probably have more in common with them than you think–You will NEVER meet another human that is exactly like you, but you’ll never meet one that is nothing like you, either!


Style Story Interviews were created to show just how much beauty there is in human similarities and differences alike.

Without similarities, there would be no connection; Without differences, there would be no inspiration.


We ALL are a big, beautiful mix of differences and similarities, and the way people express these things through their personal styles can give us a peek into a new and exciting, but familiar, world.


Join in on this adventure with us as we hear the stories of people with all sorts of backgrounds, personalities, thoughts, fears, hopes, sorrows, strengths, weaknesses, dreams, worldviews, and ways of expressing themselves–All through the lens of personal style!

Vibrant Urban Poet: A Style Story Interview with Tajinder Kaur | + Punjabi Culture and Sparking Conversation Through Clothes

“No matter what style I choose to wear, whether it’s streetwear or a whimsical style, colour and confidence will always be present.” – Tajinder Kaur

Tajinder is determined, talented, genuine, beautiful, and has a unique and vivid sense of style. What first brought her blog to my attention is the mix of her quirky style along with her beautifully raw poetry–It’s an example of a fashion blog that is truly a “must-read” and not just a “must-view”.

Read her Style Story to learn more about her:

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Reckless: A Style-Story Interview with Gwen Bielicki of “Reckless Resale” |+ Confidence and Mental Health

Gwendolyn Bielicki is a fashion reseller on Poshmark, designer, mom of three young women, and a wonderful friend who is incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking when you get the chance to get a glimpse into her mind.

She’s an overcomer of depression, anxiety and OCD. A quiet but wise, quirky, imaginative soul with so much beauty to offer the world. Soulful, unconventional and by the beat of her own drum, the word that most reflects her style is “Reckless”.

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Dork-Chic: A Style-Story Interview with, Photographer, Heather James | + Compassion and Mental Health

“I have a funky, fresh, out-there personality and I feel like my clothes reflect that … I think that my clothes let people know that I’m open and that I’m ready to talk with people …” – Heather.

Idaho lifestyle photographer, Heather James, calls her style “Dork-Chic”. It’s quirky, but easy-going; Full of bold and happy patterns, but with toned down, depthy Fall colors that she considers to be super peaceful.

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