How Style Tells a Story.

Behind the clothes we wear are countless stories of who we are, who we’ve been, and who we want to be.


But HOW does style tell a story? How can we use our clothes to tell a tale we’re proud to call our own?


Style is an art; a deep form of expression that may often be difficult to put to words, but is meaningful and full of feeling.


Behind our choice of fabric, color, texture, and fit are memories, emotions, and ideals that we share in code.


Whether consciously or subconsciously, we’re remembering things about ourselves and sharing it with the world through our outfits.


Here you will discover how fashion tells a story and how to use it to tell your own. 

Blog Posts About How Fashion Storytelling Works:

How to Make Your Clothes Tell a Story – Fashion, Storytelling, and Symbolism

How can you tell a story through your clothes? What we wear hints at who we are. It’s a powerful experience when we wear clothes that tell a story. Unfortunately, the meaning isn’t always clear to all who see your outfit–Often times leading to misconceptions based off of stereotypes. But using symbolism is a good start to bring more clarity.

8 Elements of Character Costume Design

8 Elements of Character Costume Design

Whether it’s for Halloween, Disney-bounding on vacation, or just for the fun of putting together an outfit that’s inspired by a favorite movie, TV, video game, or book character–I think we all enjoy getting into somebody else’s shoes every once in a while.

This post will be looking not only at how to get the aesthetics right, but also at how to use character traits and storyline for inspiration, so we can get to the heart of the character we are portraying.

So, here are 8 aspects of costume and character design to consider before creating your character-based outfit:

The Story Begins – Fashion as a Form of Storytelling

I believe fashion is a form of storytelling…. Delving into that idea is the core purpose in starting this blog… What you wear tells people who you are and what you love–It tells a story. It’s personal and you bring it with you wherever you go. What if we could make our clothes declare, with even greater strength, the truth of who we are? What if our outfits could be a catalyst for conversations about the things we’re passionate about?
The plan is to explore the depths of these ideas….

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The Strength of Accepting Weakness

The Strength of Accepting Weakness

Accepting weakness begets strength.

I am queen of my darkness, and equally queen of my light.

I can own my struggles, i can own my pains, i can own those emotions that feel so very close to death.

They are mine, but i am not theirs.

I can relax in who i am, moment to moment, and see beauty even in the dark and quiet.

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Classy Colorful Confidence: A Style Story Interview with Shannon Holmes | + Thoughts on Building Confidence, Alabama Culture, and The Beauty of Kindness

Classy Colorful Confidence: A Style Story Interview with Shannon Holmes | + Thoughts on Building Confidence, Alabama Culture, and The Beauty of Kindness

Shannon is a cheerful wife, mom, grandmother, and Realtor who lives and works in the Birmingham and Auburn areas of Alabama. She enjoys sharing her love for fashion, color, and life on her Instagram @StyleShenanigens.
Her confidence is unwavering, every day is an opportunity to be her best, and it truly shows in the playful professionalism of each outfit she wears. Her classy silhouettes elude her high standards for herself, and every pop of color gives way to her warm, open personality and kindheartedness. She’s incredibly sweet, passionate about life and people, and her upbeat attitude is inspiring.

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Gyaru Chameleon: A Style Story Interview with Lizzie Bee

Gyaru Chameleon: A Style Story Interview with Lizzie Bee

You’re most likely to find Lizzie having fun, twirling in a cute, floaty, pink dress, and making silly faces. She’s a sweet, playful, and hard-working blogger who writes about being Gyaru (which translates to “Gal”)–A fashion and lifestyle subculture that originated in Japan and exists all over the world.
The Gyaru subculture centers around having fun with fashion, being unafraid of breaking the “rules” to create something more exciting– life itself becomes a party, and “get wild, be sexy” is one of their most prominent mottos. The style is extremely eclectic and focused on boldly being yourself.

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