Story Behind the Cloth, “Chapter 1”:

How Fashion is a Form of Storytelling, Why that Matters, and What You Can Expect from this Blog.


I don’t think there’s anything i’m more passionate about than stories; especially life stories. Your life is a story, my life is a story–the whole Earth is full of stories!

Something i’ve long believed is that we get to be coauthors with God in this; That we’ve been given responsibility to be part of creating something beautiful.

Each person has their own individual story, but it is also perfectly connected into a much larger and even grander story about all of life…everybody you’ve known as well as those you’ve never even met–past, present and future–their stories all eventually have some form of connection to your own. Each story matters and is beautiful in its own way. But what i think is most beautiful is that living can be a creative act and collaboration with God. I find it beautiful that the most wonderful Author lets us work with Him–that we get to scribble in our own decisions, and He knows how to keep making it beautiful…even if we, say, spill ink all over the page.



Life itself tells the story on its own, but there are many ways for us to express it:

Some people may write books or blogs–favoring words and the beauty of clearly defined meaning;

Some produce movies, TV shows and video games–stepping out into a frontier that can bring words to life and give them countenance;

Others, perhaps, feel that words or even plot alone aren’t enough for the depths of this diverse life we all get to experience from a different view, so they delve into the arts–into things such as painting or dance, or any of the other multitudes of forms of visual masterpiece-making;

Or they may create music–knowing the intensities of emotion associated with sound, which is so core to reality;

All of these are artistic forms, highly capable of captivating an audience and telling a story.

I believe fashion is a form of storytelling as well. Delving into that idea is the core purpose in starting this blog.

The Story Begins - Fashion as a Form of Storytelling

Many linguists see fashion as a form of non-verbal communication. What you wear tells people who you are and what you love–It tells a story. It’s personal and you bring it with you wherever you go.

What if we could make our clothes declare, with even greater strength, the truth of who we are?

What if our outfits could be a catalyst for conversations about the things we’re passionate about?

The plan is to explore the depths of these ideas with you through posting about:

  • What i will be calling “Fashion-ology“: which will cover psychological, anthropological or sociological, and linguistic studies that dissect the ways we express ourselves and apply them to fashion…As well as tidbits of fashion history, trend analysis, and costume analysis.
  • Outfit styling based off of fictional stories and characters, historical events and figures, various cultures, current events and causes, music, verses and inspirational quotes, concepts and emotions, and other things that people may identify with, such as favorite things or subcultures that represent personality.
  • Specific articles of clothing or jewelry that tell a story (which i’ll be calling Story Pieces)–whether it be a vintage piece, something sentimental to me or somebody i know, or something homemade or promoting a cause.
  • Tips for finding and expressing your own personal style, and examples of my own.

And i’d really like to connect with you! My hope is that this blog will be very interactive. I’d like to get to hear your thoughts and share posts from you; really get a good idea of ways you express yourself and what your story is.

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