Some specific articles of clothing just have a way of communicating who we personally are. They have a defining quality to them. Another person may not relate in the same way to the pieces you consider to be defining; but to you, it speaks you.

It may be because it’s sentimental: the engagement ring from your one true love, friendship bracelet from your childhood best friend, sweater from your grandma…

Or it’s been functional through many ventures in your life: the purse that held everything, comfy shoes that have withstood plenty of long journeys, the jacket that has never failed to keep you warm and cozy, skirt with pockets…

Most of the time it has qualities that declare your personality: feminine lace, tenacious leather, playful polka-dots, free-spirited tribal prints, glamorous glitter, girly bows, wild animal prints, carefree denim…

Maybe it’s in your favorite color. Or it reminds you of something you love. Perhaps it promotes something you care about. Or maybe it even acts as a motivator when you see it in your day to day life… No matter what, it shares something about you.

I believe we all have at least one piece like this, and i’d love to hear about yours!


These are some of mine:


We're All Stories in the End Quote Necklace Doctor Who


This necklace is a definitive piece for me for sure. It has a beautiful quote on it (which happens to be from Doctor Who♥♥) that says: “We’re all stories in the end–just make it a good one”.

This pretty much states my life’s mission and a big component of what i’m most passionate about: life is a story that we get to be part of writing…that’s something i want the whole world to grasp and it’s part of what keeps me motivated in life. So, i was very excited when i saw this. I only just found it a couple months ago, but it was definitely a fast favorite…Now i wear it nearly every day.



What’s more feminine than lace?

Add lace to nearly any outfit and it automatically has a romantic, fairytale-esque feel to it. Just want to mention this definition i found, and really like, of romantic:

imbued with or dominated by idealism, a desire for adventure, chivalry,etc.

Floral Scallopped Lace Skirt



I wear this skirt with almost everything.
Often layer it under other pieces to give it a little extra length,
or ( always is the reason:) just to embrace that graceful, idealistic feel.




When i was little,Magical Mystery Flowers Leggings

my family lived in a house with a large backyard that was difficult to maintain. Sometimes, while venturing through the weeds, i would find what i called “magical, mystery flowers”–they were spontaneous and beautiful, standing out from the harsher plants. I didn’t understand where they came from. They left me in wonder. That’s what these leggings remind me of–plus they’re faux fur-lined and super cozy. 🙂
They speak “Me” because i’ve always considered it important to maintain the wonder and playfulness of childhood.
As Walt Disney put it “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.”
These leggings remind me to live with excitement over the little things.


Cognac Combat Boots



These boots speak: adventure.

I’ve always had an adventurous spirit. I spent a few years purposefully going everywhere barefoot (I know…pretty weird). I did this because, for one, all my previous shoes had a tendency of hurting me. In addition, i loved it for how it felt so freeing to always be in direct contact with the earth–even gravel–i felt toughened up for it and more aware of my surroundings. These were my first pair of shoes outside of this phase, so they had to be something special. I got them wanting a cute pair of boots that feel like me and can also be functional for impromptu hikes (with good traction)–they’ve worked wonderfully for this and all other adventures i’ve gotten myself into over the past year.


Adventurous Globe Necklace

I think this necklace can speak for itself:

What do i love? Adventure; the world and everybody in it; and Jesus. (Later note: Though, I have to be honest. My faith has been really shaken over the course of 2016)



To me, this leather jacket embodies the boldness and confidence i strive to have in living out this life. I think the deep, red color of it most emphasizes that–it’s strong, but not overpowering..maintaining an elegance to it.

Deep Red Leather Jacket


…Now it’s your turn!

Grab those items of yours, snap some pictures and post them to Instagram or Twitter, hashtag #ClothingSpeaksME and let us all know the story behind them and what makes them special to you! If you post on Twitter, be sure to tag me: @BehindTheCloth 

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