I challenged myself at the beginning of this week to stop being lazy about my outfits just because i have nowhere to go, and instead start getting dressed up in clothes that make me feel good about myself that day.

I still had ups and downs in my day…stresses over blog-related things not going the way i want, anxiety trying to sleep at night while my head’s too full of “What’s next? How do i succeed in what i try?”, self-doubt, frustrations, and hints of bitterness i had to figure out appropriately dealing with. But not nearly as much as has plagued me over the last several months. And i handled it all more quickly and efficiently.

I was surprised just how much more empowered i’ve been feeling with this simple task. By putting on clothes i love, and doing so for no apparent reason besides deciding i want to, i’ve also been putting on confidence.

By choosing to get all dressed up, i’ve been able to more easily remind myself that i can choose to be the way i want in other situations too. I’ve been so much more proactive and willing to just try…which i haven’t been for a while.

What do you think? Will you try getting #AllDressedUp this week and see what it does for you?
‘Cause if you have been feeling like less of yourself lately, i challenge you now.


Outfit 7:

Items in the outfit:

(*The following contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on any of the item links to make a purchase, i will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I hope you enjoy browsing my picks, and find some inspiration!)

    • Deep maroon, long sleeved, turtleneck top: Uniqlo, bought on Poshmark from @smnoire. $15.37.

    • Playful daisy print dress: Mudd, bought at Kohls. $26.

  • Soft, black leggings: Felina, gifted from my mom, bought at Costco (I think). $?.




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