Psssst…Signing up on the app through my link will give you $5 ūüėČ.


Since you’re bound to hear me talk about Poshmark often, i thought i might as well have a post that explains what it is, in case somebody needs clarification on what it’s all about.

Poshmark is a simple to use, social, fashion-buying-and-selling platform, particularly for creative fashion-enthusiasts–think Ebay meets Instagram. But way better. (At least in my opinion!) ūüôā

This USA-based app has categories for women, men and children in all things fashion, accessory, and beauty products (so long as it is legal and can be safely shipped…this, unfortunately, does not include perfumes and nail polish).

In 2014 i began selling from my closet, and now it’s become my full-time job (…most of the time! I have to admit that i’ve been extremely flexible with my schedule…).

I enjoy getting to find amazing clothing pieces, photograph them in playful flatlays, lovingly gift-wrap them, and resell them to women who will love wearing one of their new favorite fashion items.

For me, it’s all about community and making people smile.

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It’s also been amazing to buy from, so it’s easily become one of my main sources for my personal wardrobe: easy to search, inexpensive, fun, eco-friendly (less waste if you’re buying used!), and supportive of individuals and small businesses using it to earn a living, put some extra cash aside for things like college or medical bills, or just to put back into a fresh wardrobe for themselves (maybe from what you’re selling from your closet!).

Here are just a few of my favorite purchases:

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You can visit their closets here: @MountainMartha, @Musical_Penguin, @Coco_Shops, @Smnoire, @HollyStrawberry, @MyRedShoelace. And mine is here: @BehindTheCloth.

Are you curious about getting started on Poshmark?:

Whether you’d like to buy, sell, or both you can click here and sign up using my username “BehindTheCloth” as a code, which will give you $5 to spend anywhere on the app! After you’ve made your first purchase, they’ll give me $5 as well.

And please keep in touch! The Poshmark community is my favorite thing about it. I love getting to watch other women and men grow and find success on here. It’s simple to do, but can be extremely hard work to be a seller–especially starting out all on your own. I¬†would love to get to be there for you and help along the way! I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have at any point, introduce you to other amazing “Poshers”, and share your items so more people get a chance to see them. I’m also very willing to help you with any questions regarding using the site in general and give you shopping tips.


With love, Alissa.


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