All Dressed Up … With Somewhere to Go?

As you know, if you’ve been reading my previous posts: i’ve been dressing up every day this week, despite being home all the time, in an effort to keep me from getting depressed.

Today is actually the “weekend” for me and my boyfriend, Cody… And we might want to enjoy some time away from the house. So, i might be dressing up with somewhere to go afterall!

I might have to change my clothes again… We thought a hike might be fun…But it’s pretty cold out for that! I’m not sure i feel up for that right now. But if i change my mind, my clothes will have to change with it to something much more practical. But we’ll probably go out for a movie.

Outfit 3:

Dressing Up With Nowehere to Go OOTD 3.0

My favorite color is always changing based on what my life is like and how i’m feeling. I’ve been very drawn to pink lately. It’s been a comforting and uplifting color to me, as i touched on yesterday.

Dressing Up With Nowehere to Go OOTD 3.1

Dressing Up With Nowehere to Go OOTD 3.4

I’m a little less into doing much today…I feel like resting and drawing back just a bit. Black feels like a natural color for today…along with a more serious,  sophisticated silhouette.

Dressing Up With Nowehere to Go OOTD 3.3

Dressing Up With Nowehere to Go OOTD 3.5

Dressing Up With Nowehere to Go OOTD 3.6

Dressing Up With Nowehere to Go OOTD 3.7

He’s my favorite ❤️?

Items in the outfit:

(*The following contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on any of the item links to make a purchase, i will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I hope you enjoy browsing my picks, and find some inspiration!)

    • Long, 3/4 sleeve, mini-dress-like top: Fashion Elle, have owned for a long time. $?.

      • Ruffled, blush pink tank dress: New York & Company, have owned for a long time. $?. (Sorry i had a hard time finding anything similar on ShopStyle)

        • Black convertible ballet tights: BLOCH, bought at Dancer’s Warehouse. $13.
        • Black suede ankle-tied heels (Sheri Ankle Wrap Block Heel): Sam Edelman, bought on Poshmark from @sckwok. $45 (Yay for Poshmark deals!). Unlike my shoes on day 1, that i told you about yesterday, these ones are very comfortable.

      • Blush pink silky crinkle scarf: Unknown brand, have owned for a long time. $?.

      • Vintage sheepskin coat: Guess, gifted to me by Cody’s mom.

I’ll be posting day 4 tomorrow afternoon! Be sure to come back if you’ve been enjoying these posts. <3

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