Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin; Feeling Comfortable With Your Soul.


I felt better yesterday, and am feeling pretty great today. Not to say dressing up is a magic cure–i didn’t get a whole lot done besides publishing the blog post Dressing Up With Nowhere to Go – Day 1–But having done that, i felt more able to face the day without criticizing myself every step of the way, i allowed myself to be more open, and i spent some time with my family.

I think that starting your day off with one little thing that oozes confidence (even if it’s just pure transparency of your situation, with the active intent to love yourself out of what your going through) can go a long way in positively impacting your day–i think that’s why dressing up is helping me so far…plus, by dressing up, you’re carrying that confidence right over your skin….it’s close and touchable, and therefore easier to remember. If you feel comfortable in your own skin, it’s a little easier to feel comfortable with your mind and your soul.


Outfit 2:

I feel more like myself in this outfit than i did in yesterday’s outfit.

Dressing Up With Nowehere to Go OOTD 2.2  …

My adventurous spirit is on display. My favorite boots, and a soft, faux fur vest that’s making me feel like a forest warrior. (Yeah…My imagination is a little weird.)

Dressing Up With Nowehere to Go OOTD 2.1

The deep-dusty-rose-pink color is uplifting. It feels happy without trying to be. Genuine. I really like that about it.
I wish the camera would capture it more accurately.

Dressing Up With Nowehere to Go OOTD 2.0

Items in the outfit:

(*The following contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on any of the item links to make a purchase, i will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I hope you enjoy browsing my picks, and find some inspiration!)

    • Mauve, lightweight sweater-mini-dress/tunic: All At Once , gifted from my mom, yesterday at Goodwill. $3.99.

    • Soft, black leggings: Felina, gifted from my mom, bought at Costco (I think). $?.

    • Adventurous combat boots: Top Moda, bought at Urbanog.org. $18.90.

    • Faux-fur vest: Wenxi, bought on Aliexpress. $7.81.

Side note on yesterday:

The shoes were a bad idea. At the end of the day, i did end up going out. My parents and i spent some time browsing Goodwill, just for fun. It wasn’t long before my feet started hurting…and the pain became unbearable. It eventually felt like my metatarsal bones, at the balls of my feet, were going to stab out. Which i knew they weren’t…but it HURT.

Evil Painful Devil Shoes

Evil, Painful Devil Shoes. Cute. But deadly.

Those shoes have no cushioning whatsoever. I don’t recommend Target-brand shoes, unless you have cushy shoe inserts to put inside. I originally bought them (not knowing what brand they were…since they’re only marked with an RN#) thinking they would be great to resell on Poshmark, but decided i liked them too much to not wear for myself…I’m so glad i did try them myself!…Now knowing how they feel, i would never want anybody else to experience that!


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