Confidence is an interesting thing, isn’t it? Some seem to shine with it, and with ease. Others feel they’ll never find it. But really, all of us deal with a lack of it from time to time. It comes and goes. We can be so hard on ourselves, and that attitude of shame then easily permeates the rest of our lives. We need to learn to love ourselves. And love is a continuous action…so sometimes we have to learn again and again.

I’m having to learn again right now, and it’s not easy…I’ve shared on here a little. But finding people who can relate, one way or another, and being around people who care and can understand, really does help. The linked post is a beautiful opposite to my experience in I’ll Be Honest. I stumbled on it while browsing around, looking for other fashion blogs, and it was an encouragement.

In my post, i explained how i’ve been realizing that the way i’ve been dressing has been a reflection of the depression i’ve been going through and lack of confidence i’ve gotten from it. My emotions affected my outfit choices.

In Imaan’s post, she explains how she learned to use her clothing to take hold of her feelings about herself and improve her confidence. Her outfit choices affected her emotions.

How we choose to dress can have a wonderfully powerful effect on us. It won’t heal, but it can help us rediscover, or discover for the first time, who we are…Which can be a huge confidence booster, simply because insecurity often comes from not really knowing ourselves.

Take a look at Imaan’s post!


Fake it till you make it – How personal style alludes confidence


“What some people don’t know, is that low confidence can … affect how you see yourself, which then translates into how you treat yourself. I always thought that I deserved to be overlooked, or that my opinion wouldn’t really make much of a difference and so that’s how I lived my life, openly embracing  my non-existant level of confidence rather than trying to work around it.

This is where personal style comes in. Considering the fact that I couldn’t ( and still struggle) to voice my opinions verbally, or express myself by speaking  ( on any matter ) I decided to see if I could use my voice in a non-verbal way – the way I dressed.

Along with my style, slowly, but surely my confidence began to grow too, not massively but It started to improve, because when I wore clothes that made me feel good, everything about me – posture smile and attitude was uplifted too.”


Click here to see the rest of Imaan’s post on her blog, The August Clause.

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