In thinking about The August Clause‘s post Fake it till you make it – How personal style alludes confidence, i decided i felt like styling a Polyvore outfit that represents who i want to be and some of the qualities i feel will help me regain confidence in who i am.
Unfortunately, i couldn’t possibly afford the majority of the pieces in this outfit! But it was a wonderful form of artistic therapy.
(Side note: I can’t help but be a bit bothered by the lack of transparency in the bottom of the shirt… Silly, but i’m trying to be at peace with that! 😉 Sorry if it bothers anybody else!)



An outfit styling based on the kind of person i want to be and qualities i hope to grow in this season of my life.
Serenity, gentleness…Peace with myself and the world around me. Remembering my own past, but not letting it be the main thing to shape me. Allowing myself to grow, but not being angry about where i am at.
Loosely inspired by traditional Japanese style and ideals.

Serenity by ali101love on Polyvore.

Lately, i’ve been obsessing over Asian culture and style. Primarily in Japan.

Perhaps it stems from my love of anime, JRPGs or sushi–or the unique styles and pure expression in Harajuku–or maybe the mysteriousness (since i am a Westerner) of the Buddhist ideas that so strongly influenced the shaping of Japanese society.
But, no matter what started it, right now i am certainly enraptured by the thought of Japan. And it’s refreshing.

My life has felt so tumultuous lately, and that’s not where i want to be. And if any one thing represents tranquility to me, it’s Japan. So i chose that as a core influence.

I like to be thoughtful in how i choose colors as well… They hugely affect our moods and our perceptions. Some of these effects are universal and seemingly biological, and some very personal and different to each of us. The following is mostly my own take on it–how these colors currently make me feel and why i chose them:

  • The mossy green represents growth, as well as serenity and acceptance of the way things are.
  • The dusty pinks represent gentleness and kindness.
  • The beiges and other earthy tones represent humility and remembrance of my personal history.
  • And the deep purple represents both lightheartedness and introspection.


So, what do you think?
If you were to create an outfit that represents who you want to be, what would it look like?
Feel free to comment below and maybe share your own Polyvore creations! I’d love to know!

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