Kick-Ass Style Personality:

If you have a Kick-Ass style personality:

You’re brave, daring, headstrong, and a total badass.

You’re an optimistic-realist and realize the world is cruel

but believe you can do something about it!

It’s likely that people find you to be mysterious

because you’re smooth but tough at the same time.

You handle things with so much tact that it appears effortless.

At times, you can be very blunt–

You’re unafraid of speaking your mind,

and you might be a bit of a badmouth,

especially when speaking of things you’re passionate about!

With a relentless amount of confidence and resilience, you’re undefeatable.

The styles that best exemplify these personality traits are sleek but edgy alternative styles like Cyberpunk and Nu-Goth.

You can find a lot of inspiration from Sci-Fi movies, superheroes, secret agents, and vigilantes who fight in dystopian settings.


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Fashion is the quickest way to display your Kick-Ass personality… Nothing says “Kick-Ass” more clearly than an edgy and dramatic, statement-making outfit! Browse these Kick-Ass fashion posts to learn how to dress powerfully, no matter what your mission is.

Kick-Ass Style Guide: 5 Strong Elements of Edgy Cyberpunk Fashion

Kick-Ass Style Guide: 5 Strong Elements of Edgy Cyberpunk Fashion

Baddass, sleek, and edgy looks for the brave and daring, fighting souls who don’t sense defeat and look forward to the future.

The optimistic-realists, who realize the world is cruel but believe they can do something about it–Unafraid of playing dirty if it means they have a chance to make a positive difference in the lives of themselves and their loved ones.

If that sounds like you, read this guide to learn how to create a wardrobe that is as Kick-Ass as your soul, and embrace your life’s mission as these vigilant looks inspire an exciting, reckless, courageous life full of obstacles to overcome.

With this distinct, headstrong, looks-could-kill, Cyberpunk wardrobe (inspired by secret agents and vigilantes) even the most mundane days are full of bold purpose.

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Hey, you kick-ass hero! 🙂 Yes, you. 

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What Does it Mean to You to be Kick-Ass?

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  1. Candace Hampton

    So many styles and looks to choose from, thank you for giving us variety. I like changing my look up often especially with things that are trending and make it my own. While I do not have a particular style, I like seeing what other people can come up with and what is in to them. Exploring to find your style is always the way to go.

    • Alissa Ackerman

      Love it! Glad you’re enjoying it!
      I personally think the best styles are the ones that mix and match from whatever styles a person feels inspired by… People are so multifaceted! It’s almost a waste to only have one particular style..! ? So it sounds like you’ve got it covered, as long as your clothes make you feel like your best self.

  2. Leanne Wong

    What a list of kick-ass and edgy styles! Totally fits the vigilante look and when we want to try something a bit bold.

  3. Mosaics Lab

    I wouldn’t say i have a specific style but i wear what makes me comfortable mostly and i love it.

    • Alissa Ackerman

      Love it! Comfort should always come first.


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