Kick-Ass Fashion Masks (for Everything from Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 to Hiding from Face-Recognition Surveillance):

Kick Ass Fashion Masks for Everything from Preventing the Spread of COVID 19 to Hiding from Face Recognition Surveillance
2020 has been a terrible year–to put it lightly. It might just be the best time for Kick-Ass fashion, though! The world certainly feels dystopian, and the clothes we wear can feel like armor against difficult times…Particularly if we’re wearing something edgy!
In the Cyberpunk style–which is super kick-ass–masks are a big part of the aesthetic… Imagine yourself fighting robots and hiding from surveillance cameras that can recognize you and know everything about you based on your face alone–You’d definitely want to cover it in a dystopian situation like that!
Masks are a win-win-win-win: They look friggin’ badass, keep you and those around you healthy by preventing the spread of sickness (Hello, COVID-19…), protect from pollution, and keep your identity a secret… 😉
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