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Whispers of Christmas – Polyvore Creation Brought to Life.

Whispers of Christmas outfit

I thought it would be fun to try some of the pieces from the Christmas-themed outfits i recently created on Polyvore. I chose two outfits: This one, which i titled “Whispers of Christmas”, and “Joy to the World”.

For this one, i’m reviewing:

ABS Sheer Panel Lace Sheath Dress • ABS by Allen Schwartz • $79.20. (On sale! Marked down from $330).
Betsey Johnson Faux-Fur Capelet • Betsey Johnson • $51.45. (On sale! Marked down from $98).
Along with a couple items already owned.

Whispers of Christmas Christmas Holiday Outfit Polyvore Creation Brought to Life

This elegant holiday outfit represents the quiet and tranquil moments of Winter, as Christmas gently draws closer.

The softness and subtle excitement of the first snowfall. The subdued, inner cheer after holiday shopping has been completed and Christmas day is still around the corner. A moment where you curl up next to the fireplace, resting with a mug of hot chocolate, in celebration after accomplishing a long list of to-dos and to-buys in preparation for the festivities soon to begin.

I think that an elegant look with deep colors embraces those feelings well. It’s cozy, it’s beautiful, it’s peaceful.

I feel that this outfit turned out to be much more me than my  “Joy to the World” outfit turned out to be. I most enjoy a serene Christmas, and this outfit made me feel like my best self.

Whispers of Christmas outfit 1

Whispers of Christmas outfit Closeup 1

*Mulberry Sheer Panel Lace Sheath Dress • ABS by Allen Schwartz:

I love the elegance of this dress. Soft, lacy velvet; Deep, rich color; Classy, just-below-knee length; Epitome of chic!

Whispers of Christmas outfit 3

Whispers of Christmas outfit 4
I thought it would be closer to burgundy in color, but it arrived in a more strongly purplish-toned, deep maroon. I love it all the same, and think it’s so much more gorgeous than the website’s pictures! Though it’s not particularly red as i thought, i still think it makes a great Christmas dress. It would also be excellent for New Years, Valentine’s day, or any other fancy date night or other special occasion.

Whispers of Christmas outfit 8

Whispers of Christmas outfit 2


I honestly love how the red shoes clash with it. It still remains classy, while the mismatched colors add some playfulness.

Whispers of Christmas outfit 5

This $300 dress, even marked down to the $80 it’s currently at, is way more than i’d normally spend on a single piece of clothing… But this is just the right kind of luxurious piece to deserve treating oneself to that expense. Though i was just going to review it, now i’m definitely contemplating paying to keep it. There are definitely imaginary occasions i’m dying to wear it to!

Whispers of Christmas outfit 7

*Betsey Johnson Faux-Fur Capelet • Betsey Johnson:

Unbelievably soft. And warmer than i expected, being that it’s just a cape! My upper body felt super cozy, even at the end of this snowy photoshoot.

Whispers of Christmas outfit Closeup 2
When i got it in the mail and took it out of the packaging, i was surprised by its friggin heavenly texture and was immediately like “Yup, this one’s not gonna be sent back.”
Even if i wanted to send it back, my boyfriend wouldn’t be thrilled about that decision!–He’s obsessed with all of my soft clothes, and this piece goes above and beyond any of that.
Another keeper.

Whispers of Christmas outfit 6

Whispers of Christmas outfit 10


Items in this outfit:

*: This is an affiliate link. This means that if you click on any of the item links to make a purchase, i will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for making it possible for me to keep writing!

#: This item was ordered through Try.com, which gave me the ability to try it on and have the option to easily return it.
\ I wore it to review for this post, and am still deciding whether to keep it or send it back.
/ I wore it to review for this post, but loved it so much that i just had to keep it!

Do you like your Holidays more tranquil or lively?

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