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Joy to the World – Polyvore Creation Brought to Life.

I thought it would be fun to try some of the pieces from the Christmas-themed outfits i recently created on Polyvore. I chose two outfits: This one, which i titled “Joy to the World”, and the other “Whispers of Christmas”.

For this one, i’m reviewing:

The Cotton Box-Cut Tee Dress • Everlane • $25.
Sam Edelman – Haide High Heels • Sam Edelman • $130.
*Women’s Alex And Ani Joy To The World Expandable Charm Bangle • Alex and Ani • $38. (Just sold out).
Along with a couple items already owned.

This holiday outfit represents pure Christmas cheer.

I pulled together thoughts of Santa and his Elves for inspiration. Especially Santa’s Elves:

Bright red and green color scheme;
Playful, puffy, pointed-toe heels;
Classic, but playful, thick horizontal stripes;
Jolly, big red coat (I settled for something just as jolly in color, but smaller and thinner);
and a charm bracelet adding the finishing touch with words from a classic favorite Christmas song: “Joy to the World”.

*Green and Off-White Striped “The Cotton Box-Cut Tee Dress” • Everlane:

I think this is a fun piece. Also was very glad that the white stripes lean more towards an ivory color (hard to see in the pictures), since my skin looks fairly sick in coloring up against pure white…I don’t usually have an easy time finding striped pieces with a white color that looks okay on me, so this was a pleasant surprise!

I really liked it with the cardigan but, without it, it didn’t look right on my frame. Too boxy for me with its entirely straight seams, so it went over my curves in all the wrong ways. I’d totally wear it as pajamas or on a lazy day (It’s very comfy!), or maybe with other cardigans, but otherwise, it’s just not particularly flattering on my body, though it would look great on someone with a straighter frame.

*Red, Pom-Pom Haide High Heels • Sam Edelman:

These came brighter in color than i expected: They remind me of maraschino cherries.
These shoes are fun for playful, festive occasions, or for the individual who likes to turn life into a party wherever they go! I’m a typically quiet individual so on regular occasions, they aren’t me at all! Have to be in just the right mood. I’d gladly wear them to a party if i wanted to pull together some extra confidence and cheer–and they are wonderfully festive for Christmas!–But otherwise, this is the only time you’ll see me wearing them!

Would you ever wear shoes as bold as these ones?

Sizing note: These fit real tight in the toes. Unless your feet are narrow, i recommend selecting a half-size up from what you’d normally wear, if you’re considering a purchase.

*Joy To The World Expandable Charm Bangle • Alex and Ani:

I, personally, don’t think bracelets make the greatest statement pieces. I remembered that after trying this on. They are one of the more difficult pieces of jewelry to notice…Even i forget when i’m wearing one (so, it’s not easy for them to be meaningful to me to wear–though, maybe that’s just me!)–So i don’t think they are the most fantastic choice if you want your outfit to say something, especially if you want others to notice and understand what you’re trying to say. But if you love bracelets, and like having them mean something to you (or somebody you’re buying a gift for!), *Alex and Ani really does have cute ones, all with a meaningful touch.


Items in this outfit:

*: This is an affiliate link. This means that if you click on any of the item links to make a purchase, i will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for making it possible for me to keep writing!

#: This item was ordered through Try.com, which gave me the ability to try it on and have the option to easily return it.
\ I wore it to review for this post, then sent it back.

Do you have an outfit you’ve worn that you feel embodies Christmas cheer? 

I’d love you see it!

How many of these pieces can you imagine using outside of the Holidays?


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