An outfit symbolizing life as a story.

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Happy New Year!! I hope this next chapter of your life is wonderful!


…I love calling portions of life that:


It makes every part of life, “good” and “bad”, feel more beautiful. More meaningful. More adventurous!

Life is a story… That we get to take part in both reading and writing!

We get to create who we want to be.

We get to watch life unfold.


What do you hope to “write” in this next chapter of your life?

I’m hoping most to write of deepened friendships, courageous choices, and plenty of moments of rejuvenation.


Outfit Inspired By Life as a Story:

This look symbolizes my thoughts on how fashion is a form of storytelling, and how life is a story:

The necklace with the Doctor Who quote states that most obviously.

“We’re all stories in the end; Just make it a good one.”

Additionally, i chose the top because the beige color and gently pleated folds remind me of book pages. Will people notice and understand that detail without me mentioning it?–Probably not!–but i do, and it means something to me…and that’s what matters most when we choose our outfits! Right? It matters that we love what we wear and it makes us feel good. It’s important for our outfits to mean something to us.

Stories are full of adventures, right?
Naturally, i grabbed my most adventure-seeking pair of combat boots for this outfit!

I love a good adventure, but i also enjoy watching other people’s stories unfold… sometimes more than i enjoy “writing” my own crazy story! I love observing. So, you’re bound to find me all cozy in the background of life, more often than not.
— I think that my gravitation towards subdued colors emphasizes this in the outfit.

Do you like “writing” or “reading” life’s story best?


Items in this outfit:


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