An outfit symbolizing happiness and freedom.

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I used to think that joy in spite of circumstance was the most important thing.

My definition of joy was “Choosing to be happy, even when you aren’t”. I thought happiness had little worth because it can so easily come and go–that it was only valuable if it could be controlled. I used to grin and bear it, hiding pain behind my smile and thinking that was strength.

Now i think that’s shit.

If we can’t be honest with ourselves, we can’t find true happiness.

If we can’t be devastatingly sad and angry when the situation calls for it, we can never grow and we can never fight for something better. We stuff ourselves into a tiny box, where it may feel safe, but not free.

I do not believe that false “joy” and stagnant “hope” are the answer…But i do believe that happiness can be discovered in little things when you feel it’s nowhere to be found; and after allowing yourself to feel, setting your eyes on those little happinesses can bring freedom when you feel trapped in sorrow and dismay. When we’re able to find true happiness, we gain power to free ourselves, both on an emotional level and in a way that allows us to more easily work towards our goals, which will set us free on a more tangible level.


Outfit Inspired by True Happiness:

To me, both daisies and sunflowers symbolize the happily carefree nature of childhood.

They are playful, innocent, and embrace the wonder of the small beauties in life. Therefore, i think they symbolize the purest, truest form of happiness.

  • Playful daisy print dress: Mudd, bought at Kohls. $26.


Yellow, as the brightest color in the spectrum, is a symbol of happiness around the globe.

It’s reminiscent of joyous days spent basking in the sunlight. I chose this sweater because of that.

The shimmery threads add an extra touch of glee, and the asymmetric hemline and dainty cutouts down the back add whimsy, imagination, and idealism.

  • Shimmery yellow knit sweater: Society Amuse, bought at Goodwill, gifted from my mom.

How many of us have dreamt of flying?

Flight is probably the clearest representation of freedom to us–if we could fly, we could go nearly anywhere without a problem, overcoming any barriers. We wouldn’t ever feel glued to the ground. We wouldn’t ever feel trapped.

So, feathers and birds make great symbols for freedom.

  • Birds and feathers charm necklace: Unknown brand, bought on Mercari app with credits. $5, but technically free.

This satchel is my “creative-adventure bag”.

I recently bought it to enable me to easily get out of the house with good books to read and a sketchbook to bring along with me.

Creativity fuels my life. Without it, life feels dull and mundane and i feel stuck. And i gain most of my inspiration when i’m away from the house. So, this bag helps me grab hold of freedom and run with it!

Lastly: My shoes.

They are well worn and coming close to falling apart from use (which often feels like my life lately, to be honest!), but they’ve still got life to them, so i don’t mind.

Brown, as a neutral color that is found often in nature, appears serious and matter-of-fact. I want to carry happiness with me, but i want to maintain truthful and realistic in my walk. Not allowing false happiness to creep in–which would cause me to ignore my problems and my feelings, and therefore not grow and take care of myself. Being grounded in realism, and not getting one’s head entirely stuck in the clouds is important.

  • Brown ballet flats: Lower East Side, bought at Payless. No longer know the price. P.S., they’ve been worn about 300 times–My outfit planner, ClosetSpace says so!



Let me know in the comments!:

What does “Happiness” mean to you?

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