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A Simple Guide to Idyllic Style Blog Post
Clothing imbued with the simple charm and idealism of the countryside and small-town life; for those who embrace the little day-to-day pleasures and find romance in bouquets of wildflowers and picnics in a meadow. 

If that sounds like you, read on to learn how to create a wardrobe that is as Idyllic as your soul, and let life take you on a beautiful adventure as these nostalgic looks inspire a peacefully-exciting life full of simple pleasures and memories frozen in time.

With this charming, light and breezy, cheerful, country-chic wardrobe even the cloudiest days are full of sunshine.

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How to Create Your Own Idyllic Style:

Embrace an endless Spring aesthetic.

First and foremost, reach for pieces that set an endless reminder of Spring and Summer.

From the flirty silhouette of your sundress, to the romantic floral prints and playful fruit accessories…this warm-weather aesthetic is so central to idyllic style and will be core to choosing each and every fashion piece–even as you go into the colder seasons (More on that below!).

Whether you’d rather be in a fragrant field of lavender in Provence, France; enjoying a classic picnic in England with tea sandwiches, fresh strawberries, scones, and lots of tea; lying out in an open, golden field of wheat surrounded by horses in the United States; or exactly where you are right now– Pieces that are reminiscent of sunny days will give off a cheerful, idealistic feel that will inspire happiness, contentment, and playfulness.

1. Flirty, Carefree Silhouettes.

Sundresses are an idyllic person’s best friend–(Though not the only way to look idyllic–Don’t worry men) They immediately add country charm to any look. 

Reach for flirty, twirl-friendly A-line skirts of any length. Allow your waistline to be emphasized and your skirt to be loose and relaxed as possible for a look that is both romantic and carefree.

Idyllic Layering How to Wear Cottagecore Styles in Cold Weather How to Layer Sundresses and Other Spring Aesthetic Outfits in Winter Story Behind The Cloth Fashion Blog Post

Day-dresses can easily transition into colder weather with the help of any combination of sweaters or cardigans, leggings, and boots.

Tank tops, peasant blouses, lace tee shirts, etc, matched with shorts, jeans or overalls are another no-brainer option if you prefer the more practical route but still want country-chic fashion that is romantic, playful, and carefree.

And if you’re wishing for something more casual or masculine: Classic trousers, button-up tops, vests and/or blazers, and newsboy hats create quite the nostalgic look!

2. Practical but Whimsical Fabrics.

Idyllic Style embraces everything idealistic about life in the countryside… From the practicality of living sustainably, dreaming of having your own garden or small farm; to the romance of enjoying blissful days in the sun, bringing home wildflowers, and relaxing quietly in nature. This country-chic idealism allows plenty of room for creativity: Blending “practical” with “impractical” for a beautiful contrast.

Try juxtaposing fabrics that are considered practical with fabrics or styles that are charmingly romantic and whimsical:

Denim and cotton/linen are classic, practical fabrics. Denim, especially, because of its durability. Additionally, burlap, wood, or leather details can add a fun, rugged texture to your look.

In contrast: Lace, crochet, eyelet, and chiffon are all extremely romantic, whimsical, idealistic, and dainty.

Adding even more idyllic whimsy, romance, and playfulness are florals– especially “humble” ones that in nature don’t require much maintenance and that are easily found in the countryside: Wildflowers, daisies, sunflowers, lavender, and poppies–For example.

3. Picnic Style Symbolism.

What’s more sweet and romanticized on a warm day than a classic picnic?

There are so many things that have made their way into style that evoke memories of picnics…

  • Gingham and simple plaids, reminiscent of picnic blankets:
  • Wicker, wood, and straw accessories (especially bags), reminiscent of picnic baskets:
  • Fruits such as strawberries, lemons, cherries, oranges, watermelons, and grapes;
  • And cute bugs such as ladybugs, bees, ants, butterflies, and dragonflies:

4. Light-Hearted, Happy Colors.


White, off white, and light brown are the perfect neutral colors to base your idyllic style around. They maintain a humble and dainty look that gently hints at a sweet, down-to-earth but idealistic nature. Natural but ethereal all at once.Avoiding dark colors is generally a good idea, since they don’t typically elicit the light-hearted feeling that is so prominent in an idealistic, idyllic look.

Reminiscent of sunshine, yellow is the ultimate happy color. For an extra light-hearted and more peaceful, subdued look: try using it in lighter shades or pastels.

Additionally, blues and light purples are easy-breezy–Peacefully and simply cheerful, and magically idealistic.

Red is fantastic when you’re feeling particularly playful. It’s bold and reminiscent of barns, fruits, picnic blankets, ladybugs, and poppies.

5. Au Naturel: Soft, Natural-Looking Makeup, or None at All.

Avoid heavy eye makeup and foundation/concealer. Let your skin breathe and embrace your beautiful freckles and sunspots, which hold happy memories of your time in nature. 

Idyllic Style Guide Au Naturel Soft natural looking makeup or none at all.

Other Must-Have Idyllic Pieces: 

Comfortable Chunky Heeled Sandals (especially with playful prints like florals and gingham):

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Nostalgic Oxfords:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Simple Flats:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Rugged Boots:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Sun Hats:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Newsboy Caps:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Symbolic Accessories (Wildflowers, Daisies, Sunflowers, Lavender, Poppies, Wheat, Strawberries, Lemons, Watermelon, Ladybugs, Bees, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Picnic Baskets, Farm Houses, Barn Animals, etc):

(Shopable examples coming soon)

All Menswear:

(Shopable compilation of just all the menswear options coming soon)

Remember: Style is Personal.


The most idyllic thing you can do is simply be yourself. Adding to or changing any of the above “rules” to best suit you, your tastes, your personality, your story–Nothing else style can offer will make you feel as blissful and relaxed as embracing every aspect of your natural self. That is the truest kind of country-chic fashion.

Style isn’t “one-size-fits-all” and none of us fit into a perfect little box–We all have wonderful variations that make us unique, and they can be reflected in what we choose to wear! That’s the beauty of personal style.


When you discover what your version of “Idyllic Style” looks like, i’d love to share it on this page to inspire other idyllic ladies and gentlemen that stop by!


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Also, feel free to ask me any questions you might have about defining your personal style! The comment section, my email, and social media accounts will always be an open door to you. 

A Simple Guide to Creating Your Idyllic Style How to Create The Perfect Country Chic Outfits Idyllic Qualities and Ideals

Is “Idyllic” not your style?

Stick around for more Style Guides in the near future, and take a look at what’s to come on my Pinterest!

A Simple Guide to Creating Your Idyllic Style How to Create The Perfect Country Chic Outfits

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