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The Ultimate Guide to Glamorous Style Blog Post
This fashion style is elegant and show-stopping. It’s fit for bold, optimistic, nostalgic, dramatic, and idealistic ladies and gents… People lovelorn for the ever-charming beauty, glitz, and glamour of classic Old Hollywood.
Does that sound like you? Learn how to create a wardrobe that is as glamorous as your soul! Dare to believe in your dreams as these fancy looks inspire a rich and limitless life. 
With this dreamy, flirty wardrobe full of inspiration especially from famous, sexy, and luxurious looks from 1920s-50s, no day is basic!
You’ve come to the right place if you need help with defining your personal style. In this glamorous style guide, you’ll learn in 5 steps how to style an outfit that is glamorous. These 5 elements of glamour can be built upon and modified to your liking, giving you a style all your own!
Are you aiming to look wild but elegant like Marilyn Monroe? Graceful but bold like Audrey Hepburn? Sultry but regal like Elizabeth Taylor? Charmingly classic like Cary Grant? Trendy but glamorous like Kylie Jenner? This post is full of classic fashion styles. Keep reading for all the tips you’ll need to get started, plus a large selection of products you’ll adore.
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How to Create Your Own Glamorous Style:


Dress Like You’re Already Famous.

First, reach for pieces that make you feel like you’ve already achieved all your dreams. Sleek and luxurious; Alluring and undeniably confident. This is the most important part of this glamorous style guide! Aim for what a classic movie star would wear. Dress up instead of down at any chance you get!
Try thinking of somebody who’s attitude and success inspires you, and add your own personal twist to a look you love by them. It could be anybody from the sassy but raw and troubled Marilyn Monroe, to the modernly glamorous but controversial Kylie Jenner… Or, perhaps, your own great-grandmother back when she was the life of the party!
From the classy but dramatic choices of color… To the sultry yet lady-like silhouettes… To the glitzy pieces you accessorize with… This elegant but bold, indulgent, fancy aesthetic is central to glamorous style. Does it make you feel like a movie star? It will be core to choosing each and every fashion piece.
You may not have a blockbuster movie to star in, paparazzi to be wary of, or a red carpet event to wow the world at… There are plenty of good reasons, though, to wear pieces that are reminiscent of old-fashioned romance and stardom. Pampering yourself with luxuries like your favorite celebrities will give off an extravagant, optimistic feeling… Inspiring confidence, self-care, and determination wherever life may take you.
You deserve to dress up, just for yourself, every-so-often!

Shop My Curated Lists of Glamorous Products:
Total Steal (Clothes Under $10, Accessories Under $5)
Cheap (Clothes $10-$20, Accessories $5-$10)
Bargain (Clothes $20-$35, Accessories $10-$20)
Deal (Clothes $35-$75, Accessories $20-$50)
Budget (Clothes $75-$150, Accessories $50-$100)
Splurge (Clothes $150-$300, Accessories $100-$300)

Spendy (Clothes $300-$800, Accessories $300-$500)
Extravagant ($800-$2,000, Accessories $500-$800)
Premium ($2,000-$5,000, Accessories $800-$2,000)
Luxurious ($5,000-$10,000, Accessories $2,000-$5,000)
Exorbitant ($10,000-$25,000, Accessories $5,000-$8,000)
Wait…Who ARE You? (Over $25,000, Accessories over $8,000)

 5 Elements of Glamorous Style:



1. Embrace all that glitters.

Glamorous Style Guide Embrace All That Glitters

If you’re glamorous, you might have a glitter addiction! Jewels, sequins, glitter, beads, or pearls– NOTHING says “glamorous” like something that sparkles.

The archaic definition of glamour is literally “enchantment” or “magic”! So you’re gonna want to make sure you glow with ethereal beauty…

Things that glisten give off an ethereal, heavenly feel that will inspire you to reach out for your highest goals… and achieve them. Shiny things are reminiscent of great successes. It’s the gold standard of glamorous style!

Be sure to keep the look balanced…While you do want to look dramatic, you don’t want to look tacky.

Additionally, fabrics with a beautiful sheen, such as silk or satin, will have a similar effect. All while maintaining a simple elegance.

2. Be Soft but Wild.

Glamorous Style Guide Soft But Wild Furs

Adding soft (or fluffy) materials adds to the luxuriousness by bringing in a factor of comfort. Furs (real and vintage, or faux), velvet, and feathers are excellent choices for glam styles!

Not only is this cozy, but it gives off a look of needlessness. You’re not lacking warmth and comfort… You take care of yourself… so are you lacking anything?
Glamorous Style Guide Animal Prints
Need more drama for your look? Animal prints are an absolute must! It will take your outfit from being simply elegant to being truly, glamorously dramatic, and avant-garde.

3. Live in Dramatic Colors.

Glamorous Style Guide Simple Chic Elegant Black and White 1
 When it comes to glamorous style, no neutral colors compare to black and white. Whether worn alone or together for contrast, these completely opposite colors are perfectly chic, clean and classy, while also being extremely dramatic and extreme. Black and white clothes are the perfect go-to staple pieces, giving you an elegant place to start when building your outfit. As Coco Chanel said: “Simplicity is the keynote of elegance”–That’s why black and white outfits are so perfect.
Following the rule to embrace all that glitters, gold and silver are classic “must-add” colors as well… 24 karat gold or not, metallics add something rich to your glamorous look.
Whether in glamorous jewelry, your clothes, shoes, accessories, or makeup. Use as accents, or as the main parts of your outfit to elevate the drama.
Glamorous Style Guide Dramatic Red
Red, being as passionate a color as it is, is another excellent, dramatic, must-add color to add to your wardrobe and collection of accessories, in moderation. A lady in red makes a statement like no other.

Red is most glamorously used as an accent color through the use of accessories, makeup, or shoes. Or if you’re feeling bold (maybe on special occasions that call for extra drama!) try opting for ONE strong statement piece in red as your central piece–Perhaps a boldly sequined dress, a glittery suit, or a big, fluffy, fur coat.

4. Seek Shapes and Cuts that Emphasize an Hourglass Figure or Tall Stature.


Make certain that the pieces you choose fit you like a glove–Not too loose, not too tight–If that means going to see a tailor, all the better! There’s very little that is more chic and glamorous than a custom-fit piece.

Embrace the beautiful body you have, whichever shape or size it is. To add to the incredibly glamorous and sexy classic-Hollywood-movie-star look, opt for pieces that celebrate your curves.


Glamorous Style Guide Celebrate Your Curves
Recommended necklines: V-neck (the deeper the better, for added drama), Sweetheart, Halter, slim Turtleneck or Mock-neck, Boat-neck, Shoulder-Banding, Straight (and strapless), Cowl. Exposed backs are incredibly glamorous and sexy, too.
Glamorous Style Guide Tall and Slender
You can also emphasize or add to your height by carefully selecting the length of your dress (Just above the knee is optimal). If any lower, a higher waistline and a pair of heels help!

One really good cut for appearing dramatically tall and glamorous is the “empire waist”.

A crop top with a pair of high-waisted trousers (or high-waisted skirt) is another wonderfully glamorous look that adds height…

Also, try simplifying and keeping the “line” of your body clean by avoiding color-blocking.

Glamorous Style Guide Outfits that add Height How to dress to look tall

5. When in Doubt, Wear a Classic, Bold, Red Lipstick.


So much confidence comes bundled up in a red lipstick. Since becoming wildly popular in the 1920s, because of movie stars in Hollywood using it for emphasis in black and white film (keeping the lips from appearing to vanish in the movies), bold lipstick has become the ultimate secret weapon for glamour.

From Pat McGrath, to NARS, to Max Factor, to NYX it really doesn’t matter how much you pay as long as you get a red lip that leaves you with confidence. Even the most basic look can be glamorized with just a red lip.

Glamorous Style Guide Red Lipsticks

Shop My Curated Lists of Glamorous Products:
Total Steal (Clothes Under $10, Accessories Under $5)
Cheap (Clothes $10-$20, Accessories $5-$10)
Bargain (Clothes $20-$35, Accessories $10-$20)
Deal (Clothes $35-$75, Accessories $20-$50)
Budget (Clothes $75-$150, Accessories $50-$100)
Splurge (Clothes $150-$300, Accessories $100-$300)

Spendy (Clothes $300-$800, Accessories $300-$500)
Extravagant ($800-$2,000, Accessories $500-$800)
Premium ($2,000-$5,000, Accessories $800-$2,000)
Luxurious ($5,000-$10,000, Accessories $2,000-$5,000)
Exorbitant ($10,000-$25,000, Accessories $5,000-$8,000)
Wait…Who ARE You? (Over $25,000, Accessories over $8,000)

Other Must-Have Glamorous Pieces:

Glamorous Heels:

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Pearl and Gemstone Jewelry:

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All Menswear:

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Remember: Style is Personal.


The most glamorous thing you can do is radically be yourself. Adding to or changing any of the above “rules” to best suit you, your tastes, your personality, your story–That’s the only way to go if you want true glamour!

Style isn’t “one-size-fits-all” and none of us fit into a perfect little box–We all have wonderful variations that make us unique, and they can be reflected in what we choose to wear! That’s the beauty of personal style.


When you discover what your version of “Glamorous Style” looks like, i’d love to share it on this page to inspire other glamorous ladies and gentlemen that stop by!


Just snap a picture, tag me @StoryBehindTheCloth on Instagram or @BehindTheCloth on Twitter with my new hashtags: #MyStoryBehindTheCloth and #GlamorousBehindTheCloth, or email me at and i’ll post your picture and link below!


Also, feel free to ask me any questions you might have about defining your personal style! The comment section, my email, and social media accounts will always be an open door to you. 

Glamorous Style

Is “Glamorous” not your style?

Stick around for more Style Guides in the near future, and take a look at what’s to come on my Pinterest!

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Glamorous Style How to Create Outfits That Look and Feel Luxuriously Glamorous

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