5 Perks of Being Single + 3 “Self-Date” Outfit Ideas.

Fashion + Self-Love Party, Day 13.
Guest post by Erriel from Erriel J’s Life Chronicles.


Don’t you just hate it when some family members constantly ask, “WHY don’t have a boyfriend”? Or the “When are you going to settle down you’re not getting any younger”?! Don’t you just want to tell them to MIND THEIR DANG BUSINESS! I am only 21 and I enjoy being single, honestly. Not having to worry about someone else and just focusing on yourself for a while is refreshing, honey! I don’t mean to sound selfish, but I love spending money on me and catering to MY needs first. My mama raised a young independent woman and love comes when it’s ready.

Don’t get me wrong relationships are a beautiful thing with the right person (keyword: right person) and love is a wonderful thing, but this Valentine’s day I will be treating myself out to a nice fancy restaurant in my body con dress showing off all my curves with some nice high heels. Honey let me tell you if he likes it he’ll put a ring on it! Until then I’ll be doing my own little thing! That’s why I’m sharing the ins and outs of being SINGLE!


This is where it starts! I can tell you from personal experience that I can, and still do, sometimes get upset when I get “attacked” for being single. What can I say? Sometimes this topic can get touchy but I’m happy. I know that I am in an interesting position with school and trying to figure my own life out that I’m not ready to try to figure someone else’s life out!

2. What’s Your Signature?

Now this may sound funny but we all have a signature! It’s almost like a chef’s signature dish. For instance, my signature is my bubbly laugh and interesting sense of humor! Being single has given me a chance to find my signature and roll with it.

3. Connect Spiritually

What does life mean to you? This is different for all of us. Now put your family and friends aside for a split second…what do YOU believe in? What are your morals, beliefs, and guidelines for yourself? This is a time for you to set that foundation for YOU without everyone being in your ear telling you what to believe and how to believe it. How do you see this world?

4. Thank You For Being A Friend

Sorry Golden Girls I had to use your line but let’s be honest many friendships are destroyed because of relationships. Tragic right? Well that doesn’t have to happen. Now I admit some friendships aren’t meant to last and that’s for the benefit of both or all parties. But being single teaches you how to be a great friend. It’s hard, being single, to have to separate yourself from your friend(s) who are in relationships so they can spend time with their significant other but you don’t want to be the friend who is jealous because she is alone do you? I understand but your friend needs that time with his or her partner. I promise they will do the same for you when it’s your time.

5. Treat Yourself!

Treating yourself doesn’t always mean dropping 100 dollar bills! It can simply mean catching up on sleep, eating healthier, or even binge watching your favorite show. Mine so happens to be Marvel Runaways the new show out on Hulu! 2nd season where are you??

But in this case for Valentine’s Day I am treating myself to a “self-date” which means I will be taking myself out on a date! That leads me to part 2 of this post. What do you wear on a self-date?

Here are my top 3 outfits for a Valentine’s Day Self-Date!


IMG 3818 IMG 3819 IMG 3820

–Guest post by Erriel.
Erriel writes the blog Erriel J’s Life Chronicles.
You can follow her on Twitter.

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