#QuaintBehindTheCloth Challenge Winner 2022:

QuaintBehindTheCloth Quaint Style Mori Kei Cottagecore Outfit Designing Challenge Contest Combyne App Winner Story Behind The Cloth Blog Post
We kicked off this new year with a styling challenge and a writing contest on the app Combyne… This post concludes the first styling challenge. Make sure to check out the Story Behind the Cloth group on Combyne for a new one every month!

You voted for your favorite outfits in the #QuaintBehindTheCloth styling challenge and the winner has been decided!

Thank you to everybody who entered! And a huge congratulations to…








Adventure Aly @PulpAdventurePrincess!

QuaintBehindTheCloth Challenge 2022 Combyne app @pulpadventureprincess Story Behind The Cloth Blog Post

Aly’s quaint, winning outfit.

@PulpAdventurePrincess won with 28 votes.

On their Combyne account, they create beautiful, illustrative outfits and scenes. Each one is full of life and meaningfully made with captivating captions to match. It’s an awesome example of how fashion can be used to tell a story!

What they said about their winning outfit:

“Simple layered outfit for thrifting for the #quaintbehindthecloth challenge. In keeping with the theme of shopping second-hand, other than my ‘signature’, only used items found on the app, rather than uploading my own. Quaint style makes me think about an afternoon at the thrift store with a best friend. Comfy and stylish enough that you might receive a compliment or two, but sturdy enough that you can go hiking, or take the dog for a walk, or get your friends together for a bonfire after. It’s an aesthetic that embodies a willingness to get down on your hands and knees and pet a cat, or follow the path of a cool bug, or forage a wild mushroom just off the trail. It’s using and appreciating what you have around you, and realizing something that seems small, whether a creature or a moment, can contain within it the joys and mysteries of all existence.”

Take a peek at some more of their work below, and don’t forget to give them a follow on Combyne and say congratulations!

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