New Year, New You.

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“The New Year is like a blank page in a brand new chapter of our lives. We get a chance to start fresh and look deeply at who we really want to be.

There’s nothing really magical about it… it’s just another day. But it feels magical anyhow!

Truly, every moment gives the same opportunity… But there’s something special about New Year’s Day.

Everybody celebrates it with new goals and resolutions, so there’s a greater sense of accountability and excitement!

Who is the new you that you want to embrace this new year? What traits do you want to embody? What goals do you want to set?”

At the start of this year, creators on the Combyne app were given this prompt and asked to create an outfit that represents the kind of person they want to become this year and write a story or essay about it.

Each entry was made with so much creativity and introspection. A lot of great goals were shared, like becoming more bold while remaining kindhearted, growing out of the darkness and into a better person, and being confident and positive. Some were really creatively written and even poetic! I enjoyed reading each one, and didn’t enjoy having to choose!

Picking a winner was difficult… I ended up creating criteria to use to rate each submission, but it still came down to a tie–So this time there are two winners!


Here’s the winning submissions!:


New Year New You SBTCnewme Contest Challenge 2022 Winner Combyne app @mel08
Mel essentially broke the prompt, talking about the importance of not taking goals too seriously, being gentle with yourself, and living in the moment. The outfit matches the writing beautifully, embodying tranquility.

“My life never goes as planned,


therefore I stopped pushing myself to try and limit my days


for doing precisely what wrote in my little notebook.


Instead I decided not to make a deadline for myself,


not to define me as how much chores I got to do,


instead I learned to enjoy the little times holding a warm cup of tea,


enjoying the touch of my fingers on old paper books…


And so I have no other resolution this year


other than hoping to live the moment,


enjoy life no matter what shape it takes,


love in good and bad,


and just continue Breathing.”

– @Mel08


New Year New You SBTCnewme Contest Challenge 2022 Winner Combyne app @grljade
Jade’s writing is so open, authentic, and clear. I think what she wrote is more relatable than she might realize, too! Her outfit represents her goals really well– it’s sophisticated and rebellious, and it shows both strength and a hint of vulnerability.

“Who am I? It’s a question I think we all ask ourselves from time to time. It’s a question that becomes especially prevalent around New Years, when everyone around us is writing New Years resolutions and shouting “new year, new me!”


Who was I? Who am I? Who do I want to be?


My entire life I have struggled with social anxiety. Struggling to mutter the simplest of words, to know what to do with my hands, to express my true self. Everyone makes it seem so easy, but to me it feels impossible.


So, because my words often fail, I turn to fashion.


Clothes give me a way to express myself without words. I can let my true self shine, so people get a glimpse of who am when my words fail to do so.


So, when I ask myself, “who am I?”, not only am I evaluating my inner self, but my outer self as well. When the new year comes around and I think about who I want the new me to be, I think about what the new me will be wearing.


In 2022, the new me will be someone who isn’t afraid of self-expression.


Someone with outfits so bold they demand attention, whether good or bad.


Someone who refuses to remain in the shadows.


My clothes will reflect as many aspects of me as they possibly can.


The dark and the light,


the masculine and the feminine,


the simple and the complex,


the mysterious and the expressive,


the sophisticated and the rebellious.


Bold, edgy, unapologetic.


The new me will be, well, me. Something I have often failed to be.


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