#RecklessBehindTheCloth Challenge Winner 2022:

RecklessBehindTheCloth Reckless Style Punk Grunge Outfit Designing Challenge Contest Winner Combyne App Story Behind The Cloth Blog Post

Every month we host a styling challenge on the app Combyne…This post concludes the second one! Make sure to check out the Story Behind the Cloth group on Combyne for the current challenge!

You voted for your favorite outfits in the #RecklessBehindTheCloth styling challenge and the winner has been decided!

Thank you to everybody who entered! And a huge congratulations to…








Floyd @ManicPixieDreamBoy!

RecklessBehindTheCloth Challenge 2022 Combyne app @manicpixiedreamboy 1

Floyd’s reckless, winning outfit.

@ManicPixieDreamBoy won with 10 votes.

On his Combyne account, he creates awesomely chaotic punk and grunge outfits. Each one is full of attitude and creativity and is the perfect example of reckless style. Plus, he sometimes adds in his own artwork and is currently working on creating a magazine! So definitely keep an eye out on his work!

Take a peek at some more of his work below, and don’t forget to give him a follow on Combyne and say congratulations!

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