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Glamorous style embraces elegant, show-stopping fashion for bold, optimistic, nostalgic, dramatic, and idealistic ladies and gents who wouldn’t mind it if they got blinded by the ever-charming beauty, glitz and glamour of classic Old Hollywood. You can read my Glamorous Style Guide to learn how to create a glamorous wardrobe. 
But glamour is more than a fashion sense–It’s a lifestyle. 
You’re probably here because you know a lady or gentleman who loves to live glamorously, and you need help finding the perfect gift that will make their luxurious heart soar.
Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s day, a birthday gift, or Christmas presents, this post is your one-stop-shop for all things glamorously giftable! From jewelry and accessories, to home decor and treats, to luxurious experiences that will surprise your glamorous friend or loved one and leave them with lasting memories.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you find something you absolutely love and click through my link to make a purchase, it will give me a small commission that allows me to keep creating content at no extra cost to you. Thank you for being one of my amazing readers, regardless of whether you are here to shop or just browse! ?

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Jewelry is the classic romantic gift, while still being appropriate to gift from friend to friend (so long as you keep it simple, tasteful, and have an idea of the kind of jewelry they love to wear). Especially if you’re shopping for a glamorous woman, you really can’t go wrong with some dazzling jewelry! The perfect glamorous jewelry handles a fine balance between qualities of daintiness and drama. Excellent materials include gold, silver, rose gold, pearls (cultured or freshwater are both beautiful), and gemstones. Throwing in some leopard print is a fun way to add to the drama and it’s staying on-trend through 2020. Additionally, tassels are a fun addition if the rest of the design is subtle–And don’t underestimate the charm of gifting heart-shaped jewelry to your loved one!
Quirky but Elegant Jewelry and Accessories for Glamorous Souls 1
Purses, scarves, hats, ties, and other accessories that don’t require a size also make for an easy but thoughtful gift…It’s most fun, though, if you choose pieces with glamorous symbols of things your friend or significant other adores! Some ideas of symbols a glamorous person might love for Valentine’s day are: Hearts, Stars, Lipstick or Kisses, Diamonds, Celebrities/Movie Stars, Romantic Florals (Roses!!), the Eiffel Tower or other cityscapes, Art Nouveau, Wildcats (Leopards, Lions, Panthers, etc), Pampered House Pets (especially Cats), Graceful Swans, and Classy Penguins.

Luxurious Self-Care Products:

Sometimes the most luxurious thing a person can do is take a nice, long bath. Giving your glamorous loved one the tools needed to let go of all the stresses around them and pamper themselves might be just what they need. Bath and body or spa gifts can be really fun, and a great way to not just give a gift, but also a relaxing experience. Some ideas include: Bath bombs, perfume/body spray, face masks or scrubs, bubble bath/body wash, candles, lotion and, if you’re gifting to your partner, massage oils (and the promise that you’ll give them a massage with it!). Bathorium Inc has a large range of really luxurious bath products worth checking out:
Bathorium Subscription Bath Club
Bonus points if the product you buy them includes fancy hidden treasures for them to be surprised by! Bauble Bomb hides jewelry in their bath bombs, and JewelScent has a ring valued up to $7,500 hidden in every bath bomb and candle. These can really add to the romance of this kind of gift!

High-End Makeup:

If you know your glamorous loved one is a makeup fanatic, then these products will be perfect for them!:
Here are some interesting, glamorous books, both fiction and non-fiction, from a variety of different genres:
Glamorous Reading List Book Shopping Recommendations 1
If your glamorous friend or partner is a bookworm, they will likely enjoy publications that include stories set in luxurious locations and involving quirky, rich and famous people, or rising stars.

Glamorous Home Decor:

Your friend or loved one might enjoy filling their home with glamorous decor, whether in the form of glittery pillows, leopard print rugs, classic movie posters, or extravagant statues of cute animals.

Glamorous Home Decor
Additionally, if you can recall off the top of your head what your friend or loved one’s favorite movies or celebrities are, chances are, they’d be thrilled to receive some movie star memorabilia or Hollywood collectibles.

Gourmet Food:

Belgium chocolate, artisan cheese, fine wine, champaign, caviar, escargot, foie gras, pate, truffles, lobster … Tell me when to stop! For a glamorous foodie, there’s nothing more exciting or romantic than a gourmet dinner! Whether you buy and cook a make-at-home meal kit, take them out for a meal, or simply gift them a luxurious snack or treat, they’re sure to be over-the-moon with happiness. Here are some excellent options:
Astor Chocolate truffles shells wedding favor
Astor Chocolate: I mean, honestly, I think that picture says enough! Astor's chocolate is luxurious and would make a beautiful gift. Gourmet Belgium chocolates, made by culinary artisans trained in the classic French style of chocolate-making--Both delicious and gorgeous!
It's easy to find great gifts at!
From one-time single bottle wine gifts, to massive full-case wine subscriptions, Wine of the Month Club has gifts for all budgets. Shop Wine of The Month Club Gifts and receive 10% off.
An excellent option for your Glamorous Wine-Lover is the Bordeaux Series Wine Club Membership. It doesn't get more pedigreed than this in the world of wine. In the small wine district of Bordeaux, there are over 10,000 chateaux making wine-- not just as a business, but as a passion of their life. This offering tours the multitude of sub-districts looking for that passion in the wines. A veritable vacation to the world of Bordeaux. Ships every other month.
Experience just how good healthy eating can be Personal Chef To Go: Saygoodbye to dieting and say hello to delicious, everyday gourmet meals for today's health conscious consumer. Enjoy fine dining restaurant quality meals at half the cost!
If you or your loved one love cooking, you can buy luxury ingredients from For The Gourmet: A food wholesaler whose mission is to provide professional-grade ingredients to at-home-chefs and foodies. These are definitely products you won’t find at your local grocery store!

Dreamy Experiences:

…So you want to go big? A trip to Paris, France? A wine-tasting excursion? A tour of their celebrity-heartthrob’s hometown? A luxury cruise? Here are some extravagant getaways that will imprint a beautiful, lasting memory that you’re loved one will forever hold tight in their heart: is AMAZING for finding travel deals and discovering tour packages. I recommend looking into their activities in ParisLos Angeles or HollywoodNew York,  or Rome for something truly glamorous. You can also easily search for luxurious experiences that are local to you, if you don’t have time to travel a long distance.

Speaking of traveling long distances: Skyscanner and Skiplagged are my favorite programs for finding deals on flights. They both use unique methods to give you the cheapest airline prices and they make it really easy to book flights to the places you need to go.

Glamorous Gift Cards:

On the contrary, let’s make it nice and easy for you: Glamorous people can often be very particular–Your friend knows what they like! These gift cards will thrill them, and take some anxiety off your chest from having to choose their gift.
Here are some brands they’ll love:


If you want to make your glamorous friend feel like a star, gifting them something you’ve had personalized for them will be exceptional. Whether it’s as simple as engraving their name, or as complex as pouring your heart out by displaying the things you love about them and memories you hold dear–It will be unforgettable.
Custom Gifts Mall has nearly endless options for personalized gifts, from name-engraved jewelry to photograph gifts in a large array of styles.
Book By You makes for a very unique personalized gift. They insert the name and little facts about whoever you’d like to insert into a well-known story of your choice. You can get a free demo to test it out.
Personalized Edition of The Wizard of Oz

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