Glamorous Jewelry and Accessories:

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The perfect glamorous jewelry and accessories handle a fine balance between qualities of daintiness and drama. In this post, you’ll find dozens of options that make a statement while remaining elegant.

Excellent materials include gold, silver, rose gold, pearls (cultured or freshwater are both beautiful), and gemstones. 

Throwing in some leopard print is a fun and trendy way to add to the drama!

Jewelry, purses, scarves, hats, ties, and other accessories are most fun if you choose pieces with glamorous symbols of things you adore!

Some ideas of glamorous symbols are:

Stars, Lipstick or Kisses, Diamonds, Celebrities/Movie Stars, Romantic Florals, the Eiffel Tower (or other Cityscapes), Art Nouveau Designs, Wildcats (Leopards, Lions, Panthers, etc), Pampered House Pets (especially Cats), Graceful Swans, and Classy Penguins.

Enjoy Browsing!

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