Welcome to our third game in the Fashion + Self-Love Party!
We’re about to get real.

I’m sure we’ve all made fashion mistakes in our lives, right?

We’ve all felt insecure. Or embarrassed.
Many of us have felt judged for our clothes…And maybe even gave in to those hurtful opinions.
Many of us have used our clothes to try to feel acceptable.

The #FashionSelfLoveParty is all about learning to love ourselves inside-out, and feel free to express that on the outside!
I personally believe there’s no real wrong in fashion unless you’re not allowing your true self to shine.
So the real “Fashion Blunders” are when we aren’t caring about the person we are!

Today’s game is one meant to help us reflect on ourselves, and figure out what we can learn and grow in from this party:

Never Have I Ever – Fashion Blunders Edition!

The most honest people win!
1 point for everything you HAVE done.
Share: How many points did you get?
Which one do you think is the hardest to overcome?

Share publicly to social media (don’t forget our hashtags: #FashionSelfLoveParty and #NeverHaveiEverFashionBlunders), and/or comment your points here, and you can receive extra Giveaway entries!

Here’s Alissa’s:

What do you think?
In what ways do you forget to care about yourself through fashion?









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