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Four Amazing Body-Positive Fashion Brands.


Fashion + Self-Love Party, Day 2.
Guest post by Cheyenne from Not So Faux.


Do you celebrate yourself? Well, you should. Please celebrate who you are and whatever “flaws” you may think you have.

Nobody, not even clothing brands should make you feel less than–so choose yourself, always.

If everyone was the same, this world would get boring, real quick. There are brands that know this very well and show how important it is to promote body positivity and diversity.

I don’t know about you but I love when I can relate to a brand’s advertisements rather than wondering why none of the models look like me. Every woman, including yourself, should feel celebrated and not feel like they have to conform to one standard of beauty.

For many brands, cookie-cutter models and contorting images with photoshop are a thing of the past, as they should be. Next time you need a new item for your closet, try buying from the brands that celebrate all of you.


Here are some brands that celebrate every inch of your body and all of the qualities that make you, YOU:



1. Aerie:

Aerie is a big fan of showing girls in advertisements and on Instagram as they are, by not altering their images. They also encourage women to talk about things like their body image and self-care to reinforce the importance of it.

2. Pink Plastic: 

Created by Princess Aurum and Ann Wynn, one of this brand’s goal is to empower women of all sizes and shades. Their campaigns ooze diversity and make you feel like their clothes were made for someone just like you. You can find their online shop here: www.https://shoppinkplastic.com.

3. ModCloth:

When it comes to body positivity and diversity, Modcloth is no stranger to either. Their style gallery allows everyday women to show off their style to reinforce their customer-focused marketing.

4. Rebdolls:

From sizes S-5XL, Rebdolls wants everyone to let their confidence to shine through their soul. This brand doesn’t separate plus sizes from the rest of the sizes to reiterate that their clothes are made to flatter any figure.


So just like these brands, I want to let you know that you don’t need validation from glossy magazine pages. Come as you are and love who you are whether it’s Valentines’ Day or any other day of the year.


Why are these brands Important?

Brands like these are very much needed in today’s society more than ever. With social media use at an all-time high, women of all ages are constantly comparing themselves to people that they’ve never met. It’s so easy to scroll through pictures and get caught up, don’t you agree?  Brands like the ones above are showing you it’s wonderful to be yourself. The fashion world and social media can be detrimental to self-esteem and these brands are working hard to undo this. I hope they encourage you to put on that top that you have buried in your dresser or to wear your hair in its natural state. Keep thriving and being yourself, Queens.

Do you have any favorite brands that promote body positivity and diversity?

–Guest post by Cheyenne Gales.
Cheyenne writes the blog Not So Faux.
You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Have you ever been able to relate to a brand or been inspired by an advertisement?

Share in the comments!

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