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Yay! Welcome to the very start of our Fashion + Self-Love blog party? We’re excited to have you here!

To kick off the party that will be officially starting on February 1st, we’re playing a game of This or That on Twitter!

Which giveaway item are you most excited about?

Vote for the ones you like best out of the 8 items below:

You Are Lovely Coffee Mugs from Thavin Marcob Fashion Self Love giveaway hot chocolate set

The hot chocolate set with the cute mug

from Thavin & Marcob!


Item of Your Choice on Poshmark from @BehindTheCloth Up to 30

Item of choice from

Alissa’s Poshmark Closet!


Fashion Self Love Valentines Party Giveaway Thavin Marcob Handcrafted Tassel Earrings 2

The handcrafted tassel earrings

from Thavin & Marcob!


Shopping Champions Style Consulting Session with Alissa

The free personal styling session

from Alissa on Shopping Champions!


Fashion Self Love Valentines Party Giveaway Thavin Marcob Holl Lane Magazine Volume 1 Issue 15 Courage Stories 1

The Courage Issue of Holl & Lane Magazine from Thavin & Marcob!


Ellysiums Boutique

Surprises from Ellysiums!


No Faux Beauty

The $20 gift card from No Faux Beauty!


Legging Army

Leggings from Legging Army!


If you don’t have Twitter

You can vote by Commenting!

Which giveaway items are you most excited about?

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