Sweetness of Love.

Sweetness of Love Outfit 1
Sweetness of Love Outfit 5
I feel that mine and Cody’s relationship is wonderfully multifaceted. We’re just similar enough in all the right ways, and just different enough in all the right ways. We’re best friends and soulmates, and we balance each other out.
Sweetness of Love Outfit 2
Since the beginning, we easily have been able to engage in deep conversations in which we can open up about anything and inspire each other with new ideas. We support no matter what, while also knowing how to kindly point out weak points and encourage growth. We work together well and have conceptualized many ideas for creating a happy life together. We’re good at compromise and fighting fair. We stay aware of each other’s needs and desires and happily fulfill them any chance we get.
Sweetness of Love Outfit 4

Rose prints have long been a symbol of love and romance. It was a no-brainer choice for this outfit.

Sweetness of Love Outfit 3
But the aspect that stands out more than anything is sweetness. Oftentimes our relationship is more silly and playful and lighthearted than it is traditionally romantic or sexy. And i love it for that! Time with Cody is the most secure thing i’ve ever known, and in those moments we can feel free from the harshness of the life we are currently striving through. 
Sweetness of Love Outfit 6
To emphasize these things in both of our outfits, we wore formal clothing that easily represents traditional romantic ideals…Then we threw in a casual item to tone down the formalities. For me: a fluffy pink sweater, creating a comfy-cozy look. For him: work boots, adding an adventurous look. Both appear more care-free than if we had dressed entirely formal.
Giggles, tickles, playful competition, cuddles, childish teasing, cheesy expressions of admiration… These are things that often highlight us.
Sweetness of Love Outfit 8
Sweetness of Love Outfit 10
Our color-scheme was primarily pink, which is possibly the most light-hearted color there is. It’s both energetic and gentle. and (similarly to red and purple) many consider it a color that is symbolic of love.
Staying playful gives hope and freedom when paired with a good balance of responsibility. Acting childish is often the escape that is needed in a stressful life, and it brings us closer.
Sweetness of Love Outfit 7
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