Last time we played Never Have I Ever, we got very real so that we can see what we need to imporove.

Now we will focus on the good progress we’ve made! In what ways have you used fashion to practice self-care?

Never Have I Ever – Self-Care Edition!

1 point for everything you HAVE done!
Have you made good progress in taking better care of yourself?
Share: How many points did you get??
What are you missing?…Which one will you work on today?

Share publicly to social media (don’t forget our hashtags: #FashionSelfLoveParty and #NeverHaveIEverFashionSelfCare), and/or comment your points here, and you can receive extra Giveaway entries!

14 Days of Fashion Self Love Valentines Day Blog Party Game NEVER HAVE I EVER Self Care Edition

What do you think?

Are there any other ways you can love yourself through fashion?

Which ones do you have the easiest time doing?

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