I’ve been chronically exhausted since i was, like, 8 years old.

I don’t know why, but hopefully will soon.

I’m finally getting it addressed with doctors… My psychiatrist gave me a cortisol test kit to see if i have adrenal fatigue and my primary physician referred me to a sleep study to see if i have any sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

Last night (October 30th) i stated at the hospital for the sleep study.

Now i’m just waiting on the results for both the test and the study.

I’m so anxious to get answers…. I’ve been dealing with this for so long…

Often so tired that i barely feel alive.

Sometimes that’s all i can tell people about how i’m feeling…. I put on my skull earrings and solemnly laugh, telling them i’m “dead tired” and trying to just own it and seize the day anyhow.

I’m tired of trying to just make the most of it though…

I long for the day i wake up and feel like i actually slept.

I really hope that day comes soon….

P.s. What do you think of my Halloween look?

😅😂 I (mostly) purposely did my makeup messy and dark under the eyes… To tired to make it perfectly neat–besides, it brings out the bags under my eyes and is therefore perfect for this post 😜

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Okay, bye. I need a nap 😶😴

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