Trailblazing My Own Path.

Written on September 22, 2020. Outfit Worn on September 22nd, 2020.
I’m going to build my own Skoolie! A “Skoolie” is a retired school bus that is refurbished into a custom motorhome/mobile tiny home. I’ve been thinking about this and planning since March.
It will be a wonderful way for me to live inexpensively and simply (which will open up opportunities not previously available), travel to and live wherever i need to be, reconnect with old friends and family and build new friendships, explore the United States, be more in touch with nature, and have a peaceful space of my own. The amount of relief and security it will provide is unspeakable…
I’m currently, temporarily back in my parent’s after a break up with my partner of 5 years.
Between mental health issues, unexplained chronic fatigue, unemployment, the breakup, and everything else this hell of a year has taken us all through–I’m having a hard time to say the least.
I’m excited for this new adventure, though, setting off in a tiny house on wheels!
Imagine: The things i’ll get to see, waking up in a new place every few weeks; The friends and family members i’ll get to have deeper relationships with because i’ll be able to live closer; The job opportunities that will open up because of my ability to relocate; The personal growth and independence i’ll attain; The people i’ll get to meet & interview for posts here on Story Behind The Cloth; The stories i’ll get to tell!
It’s the perfect solution for this time in my life.
It will allow me to live on less, which will give more time & peace of mind to write and create. It’s one big step to a more fulfilling life… With the money saved over time, i might even be able to go back to college.
I’m not currently working, both because of the virus and (especially) because i’ve dedicated the remainder of the year to improving my mental health.
My previous jobs broke me. Having bipolar-depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and ADHD have made it extra difficult to do basic day-to-day things–not to mention holding a job, paying rent, and managing a work-life balance.
Living a “normal” life and holding a traditional job while staying healthy is completely foreign to me. I don’t know how to do it.
Since June, i’ve made great strides in my mental wellness and ability to care about and take care of myself… Little by little, i’m getting better and more functional! I need to make sure i don’t slide back into workaholism and self-neglect (which is all too easy of a bad habit for me). I’m strong but delicate.
There’s still a long journey ahead, and i need to trailblaze the path myself. The paths society has paved do not suit me. Attempting to walk them is dangerous to me and full of strife. “Normalcy” may not exist for me and i don’t want to attempt to adhere to it anymore. I MUST figure out how to make life work with my own needs.
So, the bus is step one in paving my own path and living unconventionally.
I’ve got some savings because of the Covid-19 stimulus check. There’s still a ways to go towards the first $5k i’ll need for just the bus itself. I am hoping to start the build next Spring and have it able to be lived in by Fall 2021.
In total, I project it will cost $10k. It’s doable, but it’s a really tall order for a low-income worker with mental illnesses.
I’m asking for help.
In all honesty, it feels uncomfortable–but i’d be grateful for the tiniest bit of spare change you could offer!
$5 is capable of growing fast. Just a little really does add up.
Just browsing here and clicking around my website helps a ton, too! I only make a couple of cents per view, but over time it will make an impact…
Thank you for reading, thank you for being my friend, and thank you for your support!–no matter whether that support is emotional, practical, or financial. I appreciate you a lot!
Tell me in the comments:
Have you ever heard of skoolies? What do you think about living in one?
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