Social Distancing Fashion:

Some of us have been handling social distancing and quarantine better than others.
COVID-19 certainly hasn’t been a good thing– But the efforts to contain it has slowed down life in a way that has been refreshing for those of us who are especially introverted.
I, for one, have enjoyed a time of lowered external pressure to have everything going right in my life. The whole world has been put on hold, so there are no expectations left besides my own…and my expectations are already demanding and cruel enough.
It’s given me a chance to self-reflect and face my demons. I was withering away in a job that took all my energy but gave nothing back, constantly worrying about finances and feeling like climbing the career ladder or even changing careers was impossible. I was in constant panic and had no energy left for the things i cared about, and it cost me. 2020 has already taken so much but, though this coronavirus pandemic is the cherry-on-top this disaster-cake-of-a-year, the forced isolation has given a chance to plan how to rebuild my life. A chance i wouldn’t have gotten if life had gone on per usual.
I know this situation has been utter hell for some–So i don’t want to act like i don’t know i’m particularly privileged right now:
Even though i’ve lost everything i had this year–Job, relationship, the place i called home–I didn’t fall through the cracks, because my family welcomed me back into their home with open arms. It’s because of them that i can enjoy anything serendipitously good about this otherwise horrible time in history.
Anyhow, one of many things i’ve gotten to spend time doing during this pandemic is sketching and graphic design. I’m releasing my first set of apparel designs, themed around introversion and social distancing.
Socially Exhausted Introvert Empty Dying Battery Black Outlines

A dying battery, to show when your introverted soul is tired of socializing and needs to recharge in peace and quiet.

Social Distancing Introvert Full Battery Black Outlines

A fully charged battery, to remind of the good things about social distancing, like staying healthy and getting a break from life’s demands.

I used Autodesk Sketchbook to draw the graphics, followed by Printful and Redbubble to print them onto a variety of clothes and accessories. I’ll update this post with more pictures after i’ve received my orders!

You can get a free $15 Redbubble gift voucher here and shop the current options below:

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