You know the feeling….You have “NOTHING to wear”.

Yet, your closet is stuffed full.

The reality is that you’re experiencing decision paralysis… You have plenty to wear, but you can’t decide what you want to wear. This happens to everybody when there are too many options!

So, oddly, the solution to having “nothing to wear” isn’t to fill your closet with more–Usually it’s to declutter!

To have something to wear, you need to first get rid of what you don’t enjoy wearing.

In this quiz you can go one by one with each item in your closet, deciding what to keep and what to donate with ease.

For more help, download my free guide: 10 Steps to Clear Your Closet for a Wardrobe You Love (At the end of this post). You’ll learn to identify what kinds of clothes you truly love wearing, and why, and how to let go of the ones you don’t.

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