Peaceful and Adventurous Outfit of the Day

“Where is far, far away and how do I get there?”

…How DO i get there?…

This year, i’ve been aiming to take all the necessary steps do get out of a very stagnant time in my life. Adventure fuels my soul, but i’ve felt incredibly stuck.

I’m trying to not just idly wait for the next big change, but instead prepare myself and open new doors on my own.

An idle life is certainly not an adventurous one! But it’s the life i’ve been leading for a while; the life i’ve felt doomed to.

To be able to complete the work that must be done to gain the life i want to be living, i need to keep myself sane.

If i don’t remember the importance of my sanity, i’ll lose any progress i make.

So, i absolutely MUST maintain inner peace as the first step to preparing for any new adventure.

These are the sorts of things that have been on my mind today, as we enter into March 2019.

And they are the thoughts that inspired my outfit today:

Rugged boots for a daring adventure. ☑️

Aviator-style jacket to prepare me to take flight towards my dreams. ☑️

Fuzzy pink sweater to remind me to be kind to myself. ☑️

Acid-wash jeans to remind me to be at peace, even through the messes life throws at me. ☑️

Globe necklace, to remind me of the places i will go. ☑️

What kinds of adventures do you have awaiting you this year?

Tell us in the comments!

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