Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt – Wardrobe Love:

We’re already half way through the party!…Can you believe it?? So we’re going to play TWO games today…
This or That
Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Today Lindsey talked about cutting back spending and making the most out of the wardrobe you already have. 

Now’s your turn to find and photograph clothing that will put this idea to action!

Below are 3 photo scavenger hunt options to choose from, and they can be entered as many times as you’d like!…If you complete all 3, you can win 10 extra entries into the giveaway! Just snap a picture and upload it publicly to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the game’s hashtags!

Make sure to use both of our hashtags: #FashionSelfLoveParty and the #FashionPhotoScavengerHunt[add the correct number–see below] that applies to the one you’re entering, that way we’ll easily be able to find your entries.

All entries will be featured here! (Unless you don’t want to be featured…Let me know if that’s the case.)

4. Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt Wardrobe Love


That piece you forgot about, but totally need to wear again…

Be Featured Here!


That piece you don’t wear anymore, but can’t get rid of…

Be Featured Here!


That versatile piece that you can wear in a multitude of different ways…

Be Featured Here!









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