Das Energy 2019

There’s something almost magical about being at a rave.

It’s one of the few places you can go that will make you feel like you’ve entered another world: one without judgement, one with a strange but somehow natural feeling of unconditional love for the other humans around you (that you may or may not even know at all), one with freedom to dance your heart out and be yourself without insecurity.

That environment of acceptance along with EDM (Electronic Dance Music), and the themed stages and lights, easily brings out hopes for the future.

I think that’s part of what makes rave fashion so fascinating: Deep down, when choosing what to wear for a rave, we tend to embrace an ideal future persona. Our clothes reflect the future we hope for, and the “future” we feel we get to live out during our time raving.

When i listen to my favorite EDM, the songs all bring about such a large range of emotions–But no matter what feelings are elicited, it always leaves me feeling optimistic.

This may sound strange, but the vibe i was going for with my outfit and makeup for day 2 of Das Energi Festival was “Space Hippie”.
The future i embrace is one of both technological advancements, exploration, and curiosity; and of peace, love, understanding, care for our environment, and even deeper care for humanity and all living creatures on this beautiful planet of ours (and possibly more as humanity begins to venture out in space!). Hence: Space Hippie.
Both down to earth and head in the stars, all a once.

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