The Beautiful Power of Connecting With Emotion.

The Power and Magic of Connecting with Emotion Alissa Ackerman Story Behind The Cloth fashion blog whimsical witchy fairy outfit Quote
Spending some extra time deciding on my outfits is my favorite way to recognize my emotions and prioritize my mental health. 

Connecting for an extra moment with all options i have for color, pattern, and the way each piece drapes over me or emphasizes my shape is a fantastic way to check in with myself and discover how i want to express myself for the day.
Who am i right here and now? Who do i want to be? What emotions and values are most potent in influencing my identity in this moment? What visuals tell today’s story best?
I’ve struggled for most of my life with acknowledging and accepting my emotions (and getting the help i need!!), but artistic expression has always allowed me an avenue to slow down, explore, and find beauty in the things i feel.

Sometimes connecting with my emotions feels like pure magic… I find power in being in sync with how i feel and accepting myself as i am.

I recently discovered that the emotional parts of my brain are actually under-developed (if any of you are curious about how this was discovered, what it looks like, and what the process was like, i can upload an image of my brain map and explain it a bit!)
…So these struggles make a lot more sense and i realize more than before how important it is to connect with my emotions regularly, intentionally, and with mindfulness.

This outfit makes me feel like a Woodland Fairy and a Playful Witch.
Happy, spontaneous, and mischievous but powerful, natural, and willing to be “imperfect” and unusual.

Especially after recently being in the hospital for two weeks for suicidality, i’m finally accepting how crucial it is to be aware of my emotions. 
I am making it my primary (and possibly exclusive) goal for the rest of the year to focus intently on myself and to improve my self-care habits.
Our emotions can be our strength. It is awareness and care of them that is truly strong–Not relentlessly “rising above” them, and definitely not stuffing them.
Society has allowed us to believe for far too long that strength is in fighting and defeating our emotions–That emotions are a weakness. 
In the long run, it’s all that fighting and stuffing away how we feel that truly weakens us.
Strength is in connecting with our soul and growing from there. Our emotions are red flags that our bodies tirelessly wave, longing for our attention to certain needs or warning of danger. With them, we can tend to our needs better–and help and connect with others more deeply.
Our emotions are our greatest friends.

Tell me in the comments: How do you connect with your emotions?

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