Black Friday Fashion Deals 2020:

Black Friday Fashion Sales and Deals for 5 Different Styles
Holiday shopping has begun! Have you started checking items off your list?

Don’t forget–It’s a good time to treat yourself to something, too! Especially with how crazy this year has been, you deserve a treat! ūüôā
Whether you’re shopping this Black Friday for your family, friends, or yourself (or if you just want to enjoy browsing) i’ve got loads of hand-picked items for you below!¬†
(Note: They are affiliate links, which means i will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click through to make a purchase! It helps me keep this blog running! I’ve taken the time to hand-select each item based on what i think you’ll like…There’s a variety of styles and price-points.)
They are separated out into 5 Style Personalities–which is a feature on the blog that is made to help you discover more about your style based on personality traits, values and ideals, and preferred aesthetics. It makes shopping more personal and introspective!
(Many more Style Personalities are coming soon, by the way! What would you love to see?)
I hope you enjoy browsing my selections of Black Friday fashion sale pieces!

Kick-Ass Black Friday Fashion Deals:

Kick-Ass Style exists to highlight all that is brave, daring, headstrong, and totally badass. It’s sleek but edgy, with inspiration from cyberpunk style.

If you identify with this style, you probably are an optimistic-realist and realize the world is cruel but believe you can do something about it!
We all could use a little bit of that attitude this year!

Glamorous Black Friday Fashion Deals:

Glamorous Style embraces the bold, dramatic, dreamy, and idealistic. With inspiration from classic Hollywood style, it’s as elegantly fancy as it gets!

If you identify with this style, you probably are optimistic and determined and don‚Äôt lack effort in anything you do‚ÄďBut also love to slow down and pamper yourself.
Kind of a necessity in stressful times like these, yes?

Witchy Black Friday Fashion Deals:

Witchy Style radiates curiosity, serenity, and love for nature, and holds dear all of life–even the struggles. With inspiration from dark mori kei and gothic bohemian styles, it embraces little “imperfections” and the darker sides of humanity.
If you identify with this style, you probably create your own magic, making the most of all of life‚Äôs moments, and embracing and strengthening all aspects of yourself–equally unafraid of your light and your dark.

Hopefully, though, we’re able to find more light than dark in the midst of 2021 and on into next year…

Quaint Black Friday Fashion Deals:

Quaint Style is charming, peaceful, sweet, and independent. It’s quirky but cozy…fit for a princess who’s grown accustomed to being lost in the woods.
If you identify with this style, you probably have a deep love for nature, creative works, and the idealistic thought of more simple, natural, and relaxed living.
I say our sweaters can act as a protective barrier from the world! Who said we can’t hide away a little and temporarily forget the troubles we must face this year?

Idyllic Black Friday Fashion Deals:

Idyllic Style sings with qualities that are charming, idealistic, playful, and carefree. With inspiration from cottagecore, it’s cheerful and reminiscent of the countryside.

If you identify with this style, you probably find true happiness in simplicity and nostalgia–treasuring¬†the moments that feel like memories in the making, frozen in time.

Even this year can be made into a beautiful memory…Don’t you think?

Sitewide Black Friday Fashion Sales:

  • Adidas: November 23-27, 30-50% off (select items only).
    November 29-December 2, 30% off (sitewide).
    (Plus an extra 30% off with code BringJoy)
  • Aeropostale: While supplies last,¬†60-70% off.
  • Alo Yoga: While supplies last,¬†up to 70% off.¬†(email subscribers get an extra 10% off)
  • Anthropologie: November 24-28, 30% off.
    November 26 & 29, extra 50% off.
  • Asos: November 27-30,¬†up to 70% off.
  • Banana Republic:¬†Over 50% off.
  • Eloquii:¬†(Plus size!)¬†50-60% off.¬†
  • Gap:¬†50% off¬†(extra 10% off with code GAPFRIDAY).
  • J. Crew:¬†(extra 50-60% off with code EARLY).
  • Lululemon:¬†November 23-?,¬†up to 50% off.
  • Macy’s: November¬†24-28,¬†up to 70% off (use the code BLKFRI for additional savings).
  • Madewell: November 24-29,¬†(Up to 50% best-selling items with code VeryMerry).
  • Net-a-Porter: Novermber 23-While supplies last, up to 50% off.¬†
  • Nike:¬†November 25-28,¬†up to 50% off¬†(extra 20% off with code SHOP20).
  • Nordstrom: Novemeber 27-, up to 50% off.
  • Nordstrom Rack:¬†November 25-30, Daily Deals and¬†extra 40% off clearance.
  • Revolve: November 26, 65% off.
    November 29, additional 20% off.
  • Saks Off 5th: November 20-28, 25% off.
    Shein¬†(not an affiliate link…too good of a steal to not mention): November¬†16-December 1,¬†up to 80% off and BOGO deals.
  • Shopbop:¬†November 20-24,¬†up to 50% off select brands.
  • Ssense:¬†November 23-?,¬†up to 50% off select items.
  • Urban Outfitters: November¬†29-30, BOGO¬†50% off.
  • Victoria’s Secret:¬†BOGO¬†50% off.
  • Zappos:¬†40% off?

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