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A Simple Guide to Creating Your Quaint Style How to Create Comfy Cute Mori Kei Outfits Blog Post Story Behind The Cloth
This style is charming and reminiscent of quiet and content, cabin-in-the-woods life. Perfect for peaceful, sweet, nostalgic, quirky, independent (and especially introverted) individuals with a love for nature, creative works, and the idealistic thought of more simple, natural and relaxed living.

If that sounds like you, read on to learn how to create a wardrobe that is as Quaint as your soul, and slip into a quiet mindset as these nostalgic and cozy looks inspire a tranquil life full of simple pleasures and independence, surrounded by nature.

With this charming, warm and comfy wardrobe strongly inspired by Mori-Kei (Japanese – Translates: “Forest Style”)
you may experience a sense of peace and comfort in even the most hectic of days.

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How to Create Your Own Quaint Style:

The Aesthetic of Forest-Dwelling Royalty.


Mori-Kei elicits a strong sense of fairytale-idealism into its woodsy aesthetic. That’s what makes it so quaint. It’s warm and cozy and practical, but whimsical, quirky and imaginative. It’s hard not to look at it and think of Snow White, or of Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty–It’s ultimately the look of Princesses, or Princes, finding solace in the woods.

Reach for pieces that give off a warm and cozy vibe, whatever the season, paired with idealistic, quirky, vintage pieces that transport you to your own fantasy land.
The tranquility of Autumn and Winter, that feels ever-present when we think of the forest, is so central to quaint style and layering will be crucial for properly pulling off this look, even in the warmer seasons with more delicate, flowy pieces.

Whether you’d rather be picking berries in a peaceful meadow; Singing with your animal friends in the forest, free of anybody’s potential judgement; lying out in a soft, grassy field, napping to the sound of a freshwater creek and the sing-songy chirping of birds; Spending alone time in a cabin, cooking, reading, or working away on an artistic project; or exactly where you are right now — Pieces that are reminiscent of a fairytale life in the woods will give off a comforting, cheerful, idealistic feel that will inspire peace, contentment, and imagination.

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Luxurious ($5,000-$10,000, Accessories $2,000-$5,000)
Exorbitant ($10,000-$25,000, Accessories $5,000-$8,000)
Wait…Who ARE You? (Over $25,000, Accessories over $8,000)

4 Elements of Quaint Style:

1. Relaxed and Comforting Silhouette.

Quaint Style Guide Mori Kei Fashion Relaxed and Comforting Silhouettes

The silhouette of your outfit will make or break the factor of practicality and comfort of your Quaint, Mori-Kei look. It’s all about loose-fitting, but often feminine, relaxed shapes, sometimes lots of length, and DEFINITELY layers upon layers.

Think: Long blouses and tunics, shift dresses made with flexible materials, pinafores or sundresses over vintage blouses, chunky sweaters, vests or decorative corsets, all kinds of hosiery, loose-fitting trousers, and skirts (even layered under or over dresses to add more detail).

Short A-line dresses with leggings make for an excellent base: Especially if you top it off with a big, chunky cardigan.

2. Practical, Cozy, Old-Fashioned, and Idealistic Fabrics.

Quaint Style Guide Mori Kei Fashion Practical Cozy Old Fashioned and Idealistic Fabrics

The fabrics are where you can find that perfect juxtaposition of practical and cozy, but nostalgic and fairytale-esque. Think fabrics that have lasted the test of time.

Cotton, linen, corduroy, and wool are primarily practical and timeless, while lace, silk, and chiffon are charmingly romantic, whimsical, and nostalgic. Knitwear and crocheted pieces, velvet, and furs (whether faux or vintage so no other animals have to be killed <3 ) are all cozy and tend to have all of the above qualities. Mixing and matching a variety of these fabrics will add tons of character to your quaint outfit.

3. Deep, Earthy Colors.

Quaint Style Guide Light Dainty Neutral Colors

Lots and lots of brown, white, and off white/beige are the perfect neutral colors to base your quaint style around. They maintain a humble, relaxed, dainty, and independant or sustainable look that gently hints at a sweet, down-to-earth but idealistic nature. Natural but ethereal all at once.

The lighter the shade, the more you’ll elicit a gentle and dainty-princess or -prince look. The darker the shade, the more you’ll summon the peaceful solace of the forest.

Quaint Style Guide Dark Foresty Neutral Colors

Black is great in moderation but It runs more dramatic than quaint, which can lead to it looking witchy, rather than fairytale-princess-esque.

Quaint Style Guide Warm Autumn Colors 1
Reach for the ultimate Autumn colors to bring warmth to your Mori-Kei wardrobe. Deep, dusty, warm colors like burnt orange, burgundy-red, and mustard yellow are perfectly reminiscent of Fall foliage and will add some cheer to your quaint look.
Quaint Style Guide Natural Tranquil Blues and Greens
Natural-toned greens (such as forest, evergreen, and mossy colors) and deep blues are extremely peaceful colors and will bring tranquility to your outfit. 

4. Forest Flora and Fauna + Other Playfully Nostalgic Prints:

Quaint Style Guide Mori Kei Fashion Forest Flora and Fauna Other Playfully Nostalgic Prints and Symbols

Quirky prints and/or symbols really add to the charm and set your look apart. It’s the fastest way to add character and imagination to an outfit!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match a handful of different prints and colors. It’s actually easier than it seems, and it gives you lots more styling options, leaving you lots of room to play with adding your own personality.
Old-Fashioned florals and wildflowers, mushrooms, moss, acorns, pinecones, berries, trees, deer, owls, foxes, hedgehogs, bunnies, birds, fairytale-esque illustrations, cottages, polka-dots, fair isle, plaid, and gingham can’t go wrong in Mori-Kei fashion.
Anything that reminds you of the forest or a fairytale, or that makes you nostalgic for a more simple time, those are must-haves for this style.

Other Must-Have Quaint Pieces:

Pinafores and Aprons:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Quirky and Vintage Oxfords:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Dainty and Sweet Mary-Janes and Flats:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Rugged and Cozy Boots:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Warm Knit, and Fur Hats + Earmuffs:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Cozy Scarves:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Cute Gloves and Mittens:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Hosiery (Such as Leggings, Stockings, Tights, High Socks, and Printed/Knitted Crew Socks):

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Old-Fashioned Vests:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Symbolic Accessories Reminiscent of Simple Forest Life (Old-Fashion florals and wildflowers, mushrooms, moss, acorns, pinecones, berries, trees, deer, owls, foxes, hedgehogs, bunnies, birds, fairytale-esque illustrations, cottages, polka-dots, fair isle, plaid, gingham, etc):

(Shopable examples coming soon)

All Menswear:

(Shopable compilation of just all the menswear options coming soon)

Remember: Style is Personal.


The most quaint thing you can do is simply be yourself. Adding to or changing any of the above “rules” to best suit you, your tastes, your personality, your story–Nothing else style can offer will make you feel as content and relaxed in your big, beautiful imagination as embracing every aspect of your natural self.

Style isn’t “one-size-fits-all” and none of us fit into a perfect little box–We all have wonderful variations that make us unique, and they can be reflected in what we choose to wear! That’s the beauty of personal style.


When you discover what your version of “Quaint Style” looks like, i’d love to share it on this page to inspire other Mori-Kei Princesses and Princes that stop by!

Just snap a picture, tag me @StoryBehindTheCloth on Instagram or @BehindTheCloth on Twitter with the hashtags: #MyStoryBehindTheCloth and #QuaintBehindTheCloth, or email me at StoryBehindTheCloth@gmail.com and i’ll post your picture and link in a new post!

Also, feel free to ask me any questions you might have about defining your personal style! The comment section, my email, and social media accounts will always be an open door to you. 

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