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Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt – Third Round: Soothe The Broken Heart – #FashionSelfLoveParty Game

Today Josie talked about how clothes can comfort heartache.

Now’s your turn to find and photograph clothing that will put this idea to action!

Photograph one or more pieces that fit one of these criteria:
1. The coziest piece you own
2. That piece that saw you through hard times
3. That piece you really want to buy

Fashion + Self Love Party: What to Wear When Your Heart’s Been Broken

Finding Comfort in Your Clothes After Heartbreak:
Guest post by Josie Mills from Open Mind Fashion (OMF).
I kissed a few frogs on the path to meeting my prince, my husband. And along the way, some left me green and croaking for a while. In those tough times, I would become even more aware of the textures & qualities of my clothes–my clothes became a form of solace, and dressing up would help me get through the next day even though I wanted to die.

Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt – Second Round: Comfort Zones – #FashionSelfLoveParty Game

Today Charlene talked about finding confidence by dressing outside your comfort zone.

Now’s your turn to find and photograph clothing that will put this idea to action!

Photograph one or more pieces that fit one of these criteria:
1. That piece that you like, though others may not
2. An item that kinda scares you (in a good, comfort-zone pushing, sort of way) to think about wearing
3. A piece that makes you feel like the strongest version of yourself.

Fashion + Self Love Party: Dressing Outside Your Comfort Zone

Guest post by Charlene McElhinney.
I rocked some tight fishnet styled jeans with some extremely
high heels and an awesome studded bikers jacket. It was totally out of my comfort zone, but
let me tell you, I felt like a total bad-ass. I felt incredible. Confidence burst out from
somewhere within me and it was evident in the finalized photos. And it all came down to
what I was wearing. It helped me to get right in to the zone, it helped me to feel fierce, it
allowed me to express myself in a way I’d never done before.

#FashionSelfLoveParty Activity: Learn to Love Your Body – Body-Positivity Printable

I figured that today calls for something different than the other games we’ve had on social media. I’ve created a body-positivity printable for you to reflect on yourself and start thinking more kindly about your body. This is for you to do on your own time–you can share it or keep it private. But do fill it all out! Sometimes, it’s not easy to love our bodies–But I swear to you: YOU CAN FIND SOMETHING TO LOVE ABOUT EVERY PART OF YOU.

Fashion + Self Love Party: Clothing Sizes Do Not Define You

Guest post by Alix from All Lady A.
We are all too aware of the huge difference between the same sizes in varying stores.
All too often do we pick up one pair of jeans and venture to another store to find pretty much the same pair of jeans requires us to choose three sizes up so we can actually get the leg past our knees.
Whatever your size, all of this can take a huge toll on our self-esteem. While it’s important to remember is the number on the label is just that, it’s difficult to convince yourself it’s just there to help you find clothes that fit when they’re all so drastically different.

Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt – First Round: Savvy Shopping – #FashionSelfLoveParty Game

Today Deanna talked about savvy shopping, and the importance of not letting our clothes get in the way of living fulfilling lives.

Now’s your turn to find and photograph clothing that will put this idea to action!

Photograph one or more pieces that fit one of these criteria:
1. That piece you’ve worn basically a million times
2. The best deal you’ve ever gotten
3. That piece you can live in and do any activity without worrying about wrecking it.

Fashion + Self Love Party: Savvy is Classy – A Sweet Mess in a Dress

Guest post by Deanna from Lucky.Love.Life.
I’ve never been one to believe that you have to spend a paycheck to look nice.
You don’t need an $850 dress, or pair of shoes, or handbag, to fit in or look amazing. Buy what makes you feel cute and inspired but remember your life is about experiences, not things. You need confidence, charisma, and a rockin’ smile. No matter what you are wearing, you’ll be dressed to the nines.

Fashion + Self Love Party: 4 Brands that Celebrate Diversity and Body-Positivity

Guest post by Cheyenne from Not So Faux.
Four Amazing Body-Positive Fashion Brands, and Why They’re Important:
If everyone was the same, this world would get boring, real quick.
I don’t know about you but I love when I can relate to a brand’s advertisements rather than wondering why none of the models look like me. Every woman, including yourself, should feel celebrated and not feel like they have to conform to one standard of beauty.
Here are some brands that celebrate every inch of your body and all of the qualities that make you, YOU:

Fashion + Self Love Party: How To Fall In Love With Yourself This Valentine’s Day!

Guest post by Lena from Lena Dee XO.
Valentine’s is fast approaching and more than often we’re caught up on having a love life with someone else. I bet you sometimes forget it’s okay to be madly in love with yourself and the person you’re becoming. I’m here to remind you NOW is the time to embrace yourself!

Fashion + Self-Love Blog Party Giveaway – Fashion Self-Care Package

To further help you remember what you learn from the Fashion + Self-Love Party and apply it to your life, we’re hosting a giveaway! The #FashionSelfLoveParty giveaway prize is a personally wrapped “Fashion Self-Care Package” packed with goodies including a free personal styling session, jewelry, comfy-cozy clothes, candies, a hot chocolate set, gift cards, and inspiration to help you relax, pamper yourself, and remember to love who you are and how you express yourself.

Giftwrap Inspiration – My #PoshPackages

Poshmark Packaging Inspiration.
I like to gift wrap similarly to how i like fashion: I love hinting at what’s on the inside, or displaying personality.
I thought i’d share some of my favorite Poshmark packages to give you some inspiration for the next time you want to wrap a gift that will make the receiver smile!

Whispers of Christmas – Holiday Outfit

This elegant holiday outfit represents the quiet and tranquil moments of Winter, as Christmas gently draws closer.
The softness and subtle excitement of the first snowfall. The subdued, inner cheer after holiday shopping has been completed and Christmas day is still around the corner. A moment where you curl up next to the fireplace, resting with a mug of hot chocolate, in celebration after accomplishing a long list of to-dos and to-buys in preparation for the festivities soon to begin.
An elegant look with deep colors embraces those feelings well. It’s cozy, it’s beautiful, it’s peaceful.

The Girl Behind "Story Behind The Cloth":

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I enjoy exploring personal style in light of life stories, and i love genuine expression and seeing people shine with confidence.
Seeing you shine with confidence!

I love all things creative--whether i'm getting to be part of the creative process myself, or just watching in admiration of the creativity of another.

I adore people, stories, cultures, and adventures and want to capture the beauty of it all!

The love of all these things is my main reason for starting Story Behind The Cloth.

I'll also mention: i don't capitalize "i", except for emphasis, as a statement of equality--i'm no greater than you, him, her or them...so why should i capitalize "I" and not "You"?

I'm excited for you to join me in a journey of self-discovery as we uncover why we dress the ways we do, and how we can confidently express who we are!

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