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A Resolute Guide to Creating Your Kick Ass Style How to Create Badass Cyberpunk Outfits Story Behind The Cloth Style Guide Blog Post
This fashion style is badass, sleek, and edgy. Inspired by secret agents and vigilantes… It’s fit for the brave and daring, fighting souls who don’t sense defeat and look forward to the future.
For the optimistic-realists, who realize the world is cruel but believe they can do something about it! Those unafraid of playing dirty if it means they have a chance to make a positive difference in the lives of themselves and their loved ones…
Does that sound like you? Learn how to create a wardrobe that is as Kick-Ass as your soul! Embrace your life’s mission… as these vigilant looks inspire an exciting, reckless, courageous life full of obstacles to overcome.
With this distinct, headstrong, looks-could-kill, Cyberpunk wardrobe… even the most mundane days are full of bold purpose!
You’ve come to the right place if you need help with defining your personal style. In this kick-ass style guide, you’ll learn in 5 steps how to style an outfit that is alternative and edgy. These 5 elements of kick-ass style can be built upon and modified to your liking, giving you a style all your own!
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How to Create Your Own Kick-Ass Style:

Wear Your Mission.

First and foremost, reach for pieces that make you feel like a total badass, trained and capable of taking on all the world throws at you. Sleek but headstrong, smart and undeniably strong–Like a spy or vigilante. If it makes you feel like you stepped out of the Matrix, are part of the X-Men, or like you could fight independently for your own sense of justice like Deadpool–You’ve won.


From the clean but bold choices of color, to the smooth texture of your leather jacket, to the badass qualities of your edgy accessories…this dark but distinctive, vigilant, cyberpunk aesthetic is central to kick-ass style and will be core to choosing each and every fashion piece.


Whether you’ve got a time-sensitive, covert mission to hack an enemy database, defuse a bomb, and shoot down whoever gets in your way; An espionage mission to uncover the secrets of the villain and slowly, peacefully take them down by use of knowledge; A passion to fight for what you love, taking down social injustices even if it’s the last thing you do–Or if your mission is to simply purchase some bread from the grocery store and get home on time to take care of the family or to finish that big work or school project– Pieces that are reminiscent of facing dangers like your favorite heroes will give off a powerful, optimistic feel that will inspire courage, confidence, anti-conformity, and strength.

Shop My Curated Lists of Kick-Ass Products:
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Deal (Clothes $35-$75, Accessories $20-$50)
Budget (Clothes $75-$150, Accessories $50-$100)
Splurge (Clothes $150-$300, Accessories $100-$300)

Spendy (Clothes $300-$800, Accessories $300-$800)
Extravagant ($800-$2,000, Accessories $500-$800)
Premium ($2,000-$5,000, Accessories $800-$2,000)
Luxurious ($5,000-$10,000, Accessories $2,000-$5,000)
Exorbitant ($10,000-$25,000, Accessories $5,000-$8,000)
Wait…Who ARE You? (Over $25,000, Accessories over $8,000)

 5 Elements of Kick-Ass Style:

1. Sleek Silhouette.

Kick Ass Style Guide Sleek and Sporty Silhouettes
Don’t be afraid to show off your strong form; baggy clothes only get in the way of the action and can diffuse your confidence (Use them only in moderation…Examples of an exception would be some bold cargo pants or a statement bomber jacket).
Reach for form-fitting clothes that have some good stretch to them, so you’re still comfortable and capable of a full range of movement. Choosing sleek pieces that act as a second skin will provide you with a look that is both polished, orderly, resolute, AND audacious, gutsy and fearless.

2. Tenacious but Flexible Fabrics.

Kick Ass Style Guide Tenacious Leather Like Fabrics
Following the same reasoning, choose fabrics that are tough but elastic. Leather-like materials automatically add a badass attitude to any outfit. It’s equally important to be resilient–and flexible materials like vinyl or latex keep it edgy without losing functionality.

3. Strong but Vulnerable Fabrics.

Additionally, sheer and delicate fabrics can add a unique strength to the look–They add a vulnerability which, perhaps ironically, summons an appearance of greater power when contrasted with more durable pieces. A visual reminder that our greatest times of strength come from our greatest moments of weakness–when we rise above and overcome adversity. 
Kick Ass Style Guide Bold but Vulnerable Sheer Fabrics

4. Bold and Dynamic Colors.

Kick Ass Style Guide Bold Mysterious Versatile Powerful Confident Moody Dystopian Black Colors
 If black is your favorite color, and you couldn’t care less when people say that it “isn’t actually a color”, you’re in the right place. Mysterious, confident, powerful, moody; Black is as bold, versatile and Kick-Ass as it gets. It is the perfect color to base your wardrobe around. 
Alternatively, white is another bold, powerful color that brings about a different set of thoughts and emotions.
Kick Ass Style Guide Bold Technological Utopian White Colors
Both of these neutral colors evoke thoughts of high-tech and futurism. Black feels like power over dystopia, while white feels like power within utopia.

Kick Ass Style Guide Passionate Powerful Killer Red Colors
THE most passionately powerful color, red, elicits thoughts of danger, sensuality, fire, blood, anger, and love. It gives life and energy to any outfit.
Use it as the main color of your Kick-Ass look on days that you feel especially fired up, or add it in moderation through accessories and statement pieces when you need an extra dose of courage.

Kick Ass Style Guide Bright Bold Neon Colors
Neon colors are also excellent in moderation. When paired with black, or sometimes with white (think, TRON), they are powerfully optimistic and look like they’ve come straight out of a sci-fi movie. Absolute necessity if you want to add that extra Cyberpunk edge… Bonus points if they light up or glow in the dark!

5. Sunglasses:

Sleek or sporty, thin-rimmed or frameless sunglasses give off massively cool, mysterious, could-care-less, BADASS vibes. They complete the look, and though you could follow all of the above tips and still look Kick-Ass, you’d be missing out on the signature piece that ties it all together if you don’t have a good pair of sunglasses.

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Other Must-Have Kick-Ass Pieces:

Tech-Wear, Utility Pieces, and other Gadgets:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Long, Black Trench Coats:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Asymmetric Crop Tops:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Knee- or Thigh-High Boots:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Combat-Style, or otherwise Edgy Ankle Boots:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Vinyl/Latex, or Spandex Leggings:

(Shopable examples coming soon)

Symbolic Accessories (Pieces and embellishments that are reminiscent of spy gear like harnesses, holsters, buckles, O-ring belts, chains, tech-wear, etc; comic book or pop-culture vigilantes and “anti-heroes”–or badass movies in general–and their symbols; Deadpool, Batman, Catwoman, Black Widow, The Punisher, The Matrix, V for Vendetta, James Bond, etc; technology and computer symbols, neon lights and signs, vaporwave art and memes, video games and consoles, gaming and tech logos, mechanical pieces, warning symbols, computer code, secret codes, viruses and glitches, graffiti, guns, bombs and other weapons, blunt or sarcastic humor, sports cars, motorcycles, stunts and martial arts silhouettes, dragons, fire, robots and cyborgs, etc)

(Shopable examples coming soon)

All Menswear:

(Shopable compilation of just all the menswear options coming soon)

Remember: Style is Personal. 

The most Kick-Ass thing you can do is F***ing be yourself. Adding to or changing any of the above “rules” to best suit you, your tastes, your personality, your story–Nothing else style can offer will make you feel as ready to face our cruel world as embracing every aspect of your powerful self.


Style isn’t “one-size-fits-all” and none of us fit into a perfect little box–We all have wonderful variations that make us unique, and they can be reflected in what we choose to wear! That’s the beauty of personal style.


When you discover what your version of “Kick-Ass Style” looks like, i’d love to share it on this page to inspire other everyday vigilantes that stop by!


Just snap a picture, tag me @StoryBehindTheCloth on Instagram or @BehindTheCloth on Twitter with my new hashtags: #MyStoryBehindTheCloth and #KickAssBehindTheCloth, or email me at and i’ll post your picture and link below!


Also, feel free to ask me any questions you might have about defining your personal style! The comment section, my email, and social media accounts will always be an open door to you. 

A Resolute Guide to Creating Your Kick Ass Style Story Behind The Cloth Style Guide Blog Post

Is “Kick-Ass” not your style?

Stick around for more Style Guides in the near future, and take a look at what’s to come on my Pinterest!

A Resolute Guide to Creating Your Kick Ass Style How to Create Badass Cyberpunk Outfits

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