How Style Tells a Story.

Behind the clothes we wear are countless stories of who we are, who we’ve been, and who we want to be.


But HOW does style tell a story? How can we use our clothes to tell a tale we’re proud to call our own?


Style is an art; a deep form of expression that may often be difficult to put to words, but is meaningful and full of feeling.


Behind our choice of fabric, color, texture, and fit are memories, emotions, and ideals that we share in code.


Whether consciously or subconsciously, we’re remembering things about ourselves and sharing it with the world through our outfits.


Here you will discover how fashion tells a story and how to use it to tell your own. 

Blog Posts About How Fashion Storytelling Works:

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Fashion-Psychology and Mental Health Blog Posts:

Fashion + Self Love Party: Love Your Style, Love Yourself

Fashion + Self Love Party: Love Your Style, Love Yourself

Guest post by Alice from A Lot on Your Mind.
Two psychologists, Hajo and Galinksy (2012), coined the term ‘enclothed cognition’ which argues that your style reflects and affects your mood, health, and overall confidence. If our clothes affect our mood, why don’t we choose the clothes that express our best selves and will make us feel legitimately beautiful?
Here are some tips to owning your personal style:

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Fashion + Self Love Party: Curbing Unhealthy Spending & Loving the Wardrobe You Already Have

Fashion + Self Love Party: Curbing Unhealthy Spending & Loving the Wardrobe You Already Have

Guest post by Lindsey from Have Clothes, Will Travel.
Living in a day and age where everywhere we turn there is pressure to buy the latest and greatest fashion makes it very easy to fall into the “retail therapy” trap. And to make it even more difficult, our brain actually releases the pleasure-inducing chemical dopamine when you buy something new…
…getting addicted to this high is not only bad for your overall self-esteem, it can, obviously, be very damaging to your wallet.
However, I’ve taken a few measures to correct this…
… the trick to it all is creating the illusion you have a ton of clothes by swapping out key pieces when styling your outfits with clothes you already own.

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Blog Posts About Fashion, Humanity, and Storytelling:

Green and Red, The Colors Of Christmas

Green and Red, The Colors Of Christmas

Dots of red and green lights outline the houses all down your street. These colors turn up everywhere you look this season, in the form of ornaments, giftwrap, holiday dresses–Just to name a few. Even outside of the winter season, pairing green with red almost immediately elicits thoughts of Christmas cheer.

But why are red and green THE Christmas colors of choice?

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