Glamorous Style Personality:

If you have a Glamorous style personality:

You’re bold, dramatic, dreamy, and idealistic.

You long for a richly limitless life of luxury

–You know what you want

and you don’t give a damn about what anybody thinks

about you and your goals. 

You get nostalgic easily and are extremely sentimental.

 You are optimistic and determined and don’t lack effort in anything you do

–But you love to slow down and pamper yourself. 

You might be a bit flirty and sassy,

unafraid of confidently flaunting your best qualities

and sharing your heart. 

To you, basic is boring and lacks character,

you prefer to feel dressed up

even on casual occasions-

-It’s all or nothing! 

Life is a party,

and you believe that ordinary moments

can easily be turned into “special occasions”

worthy of treating yourself and those you love

to something extravagant

–That’s what life’s all about!

The style that best exemplifies these personality traits is the fancy, glitzy, sexy but elegant glamour of chic, classic Hollywood movie stars.

You find a lot of inspiration from vintage films, red carpet premieres, elaborate mansions,

cocktail parties, European architecture, haute couture fashion shows, and cities at night.

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Glamorous Fashion Deals: Deep Discounts on Classic Hollywood Style Clothing

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Fashion is the quickest way to display your glamorous personality… Nothing says “glamorous” more clearly than an elegant but dramatic, statement-making outfit! Browse these glamorous fashion posts to learn how to dress luxuriously, regardless of what your bank statement says.

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What Does it Mean to You to be Glamorous?


  1. Sigrid Says Blog

    I like to see glamorous get ups. But the fact is, I can’t do that everyday, maybe just during special occasions. I like to clean up from time to time. 🙂

    • Alissa Ackerman

      I truly feel the same way! Some people pull it off on a daily basis really well, and it amazes me! Comfort usually comes first in my book ?

  2. Fatima Torres

    I love this idea of learning more about your own style. I’ve been struggling a bit with my own.

    • Alissa Ackerman

      Feel free to shoot out questions anytime! My email is always open. ? I love helping people discover their style!

  3. Julia Hess

    I can definitely pull off some glamorous clothing when I have a special occasion to dress up for. But that is usually a rare occurrence. Plus that is usually a perfect time to buy a new piece of wardrobe for the event.

    • Alissa Ackerman

      I feel that!… For so many of us, glamorous style is so exclusive to extremely special occasions.. it’s not always easy to make those occasions happen whenever we want them to…. People who live like every day is a special occasion really ‘wow’ me!

  4. Candace Hampton

    Glamorous is something you not only show but you have to feel it too. From the look of the outfit to the make-up to the accessorizes, be bold, be magnificent, I always say. Thank you for sharing what it means to be glamourous to you and helping others channel their inner and outer glamorous. All of your ideas and tips will surely help bring out the little glamour person people have on the inside.

    • Alissa Ackerman

      I love this! It’s definitely true that it’s a feeling, too..


    The clothes we wear is very strongly linked to personality. I wear neutral colours, nothing to eye catching.

  6. Leanne Wong

    I like that you’ve suggested glamorous styles for home decor and a glamorous style playlist as well! Style is quite intricately linked to personality.

    • Alissa Ackerman

      Thank you!
      It truly is intricately linked to personality…
      Who we are is so multifaceted and shows itself in so many different ways… Fashion is only one way (though a big one!), and it certainly isn’t isolated from the rest of our self expression! I’m so glad you enjoyed the other examples of how to express these kinds of personality traits, too. It was a lot of fun putting the playlist together!

  7. Wanda Lopez

    Glamour may not be my daily style, but I do enjoy dressing up for special occasions. I do love a good red carpet.

  8. Sam

    These are all such wonderful suggestions!

    • Alissa Ackerman

      Thank you! So glad you enjoyed them ✨

  9. Priya|how to be a positive parent

    Usually, I don’t dress boldly except during Diwali or weddings. I agree with you, it is a good excuse to pamper yourself!

    • Alissa Ackerman

      It definitely is! ? My goodness, though…Diwali brings glamour to a while other level! I have so much appreciation for Indian holidays and traditional clothes… So full of life and color and detail!
      I’d love to hear about what you decide to wear this week for Diwali!

  10. blessmykitchenterri

    I love all of these ideas and suggestions. I’ve never really felt glamorous and I think it’s because I shy away from being bold with my clothes. I need to change that because being drab is not cool.

    • Alissa Ackerman

      Thank you for stopping by! It’s so thrilling to be bold with your clothes!… It’s also understandable to be shy about it–it’s great to add to your style little by little too adjust it to what feels most comfortable to you. Comfort should always come first!


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