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Instead of beginning our short series on color with a whole bunch of knowledge being poured over you; i would much rather involve you in the process.

We delving into learning about color psychology. Which basically takes a very analytical look at how each color, and various combinations, makes us feel, and how it influences the way we perceive things in those colors.

Many people have spoken on this topic, and i will do my best to compile the best and most applicable research i can find. But, especially because written knowledge on this topic is so saturated, and can be very opinionated because of personal and cultural differences, i don’t want to begin with simply passing on information. To me, it matters more that this is a discovery process for each of us…How do we as individuals perceive each color? How do they make you feel? Live data is so much more fun and personal! It will help me to create more relatable posts for you.

In the last post, we considered the idea that truth can be thought of in color, rather than black and white or grey–that it can vary based on context. Feeling associated with color can vary, too, and there’s much we can learn from it when we consider other opinions. So that’s why i wanted to begin with a reminder to have respect for each other’s opinions.

So, this post is an interactive one i hope you will all participate in!






































What’s your favorite color? Tell me about it in the comments!


Click Here to View the Results.

For your convenience, since there’ a lot of information, the results have been parsed out into smaller posts, categorized by type of color: Warm (Red, Orange, Yellow, and Pink), Cool (Green, Blue, and Purple), and Neutral (Black, White, Grey, Beige, and Brown).

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