Dressing Up With Nowhere to Go – Day 6 2

To be honest, i’m excited to be wrapping up this series tomorrow.

I’m enjoying dressing up and publishing new posts… But creating several ShopStyle widgets to place at the bottom of every post is beginning to drive me crazy! It takes so long to complete… It’s the only way for me to monetize and, though nobody’s been clicking them, it’s still important to have them there just in case. But i don’t enjoy it. 😂
I’m dying to have more time to write meatier content.

I’m surprised at just how much more capable i feel as a blogger, though. I took a chance with this series, hoping it would lift my spirits some… And it did. I don’t feel incapable and stuck as i did back on day 1. I’m excited about the future of this blog!


Outfit 6:


Items in the outfit:

(*The following contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on any of the item links to make a purchase, i will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I hope you enjoy browsing my picks, and find some inspiration!)

    • Playful rose print dress: Forever 21. $17.80.

      • Blush pink pointelle knit sweater: In Style, bought at a thrift shop while road-tripping. Don’t remember the price…Probably $3-$6.

    • Green Heattech top (layered in between, just for extra warmth): Uniqlo, bought on Poshmark from @smnoire. $15.37. So cozy and soft!

  • Black convertible ballet tights: BLOCH, bought at Dancer’s Warehouse. $13.
  • Black suede ankle-tied heels (Sheri Ankle Wrap Block Heel): Sam Edelman, bought on Poshmark from @sckwok. $45 (Yay for Poshmark deals!). Unlike my shoes on day 1, that i told you about yesterday, these ones are very comfortable.


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