What is Story Behind the Cloth all about?

Fashion is a meaningful form of self-expression.

In this blog we set out to explore the depths of personal style.

Why do we wear what we wear? What way of dressing makes us feel most like ourselves? 
What story does it all tell?

There are endless stories of who we are, hidden behind the clothes that we wear.

Style is artistic. The concepts we share through it can be difficult to define with just words, but it’s full of symbolic meaning regardless.

Shared almost in secret code, we wear our emotions, memories, and ideals on our sleeve.

Every choice from color to fabric to fit is informed by who we are, have been, and wish to be.

Even without our noticing, we’re remembering things about ourselves and sharing those things with the world through our outfits.

The interesting thing is that stories aren’t always “pretty”,

and that doesn’t make them worth any less. The same can be said of style!

It’s not always easy to handle the messages our clothes send–

Sometimes they tell us about fear, pain, and insecurity.

But it’s these tough moments that make life so interesting.

What beautiful story doesn’t involve these things?

True beauty isn’t always pretty…But it’s authentic and meaningful.

Exploring your personal style is a great way to discover new things about yourself.

Join me on this journey to uncover the meanings behind fashion and learn how to showcase your authentic self through your style!

 My desire is to help you discover the styles and pieces that best express 
who you are, and why that is, and give you the confidence to own that.

I believe you are beautiful inside and out.

You are human–a mix of your own unique kind of crazy and wonderful.

Your story is worth telling.

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Reckless: A Style-Story Interview with Gwen Bielicki of “Reckless Resale” |+ Confidence and Mental Health

Reckless: A Style-Story Interview with Gwen Bielicki of “Reckless Resale” |+ Confidence and Mental Health

Gwendolyn Bielicki is a fashion reseller on Poshmark, designer, mom of three young women, and a wonderful friend who is incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking when you get the chance to get a glimpse into her mind.

She’s an overcomer of depression, anxiety and OCD. A quiet but wise, quirky, imaginative soul with so much beauty to offer the world. Soulful, unconventional and by the beat of her own drum, the word that most reflects her style is “Reckless”.

Glamorous Style Guide: 5 Elements of Old-Hollywood Fashion

Glamorous Style Guide: 5 Elements of Old-Hollywood Fashion

Elegant, show-stopping fashion for bold, optimistic, nostalgic, dramatic, and idealistic ladies and gents who wouldn’t mind it if they got blinded by the ever-charming beauty, glitz and glamour of classic Old Hollywood.

If that sounds like you, read on to learn how to create a wardrobe that is as glamorous as your soul, and dare to believe in your dreams as these fancy looks inspire a rich and limitless life.
With this dreamy, flirty wardrobe full of inspiration from famous, sexy, and luxurious looks from 1920s-50s, no day is basic!

Dork-Chic: A Style-Story Interview with, Photographer, Heather James | + Compassion and Mental Health

Dork-Chic: A Style-Story Interview with, Photographer, Heather James | + Compassion and Mental Health

“I have a funky, fresh, out-there personality and I feel like my clothes reflect that … I think that my clothes let people know that I’m open and that I’m ready to talk with people …” – Heather.

Idaho lifestyle photographer, Heather James, calls her style “Dork-Chic”. It’s quirky, but easy-going; Full of bold and happy patterns, but with toned down, depthy Fall colors that she considers to be super peaceful.

What is the founder all about?


Hi there! My name is Alissa and i’m a 20-something who loves all things creative–whether i’m getting to be part of the creative process myself, or just watching in admiration of the creativity of another.

I adore people, stories, cultures (with all the crazy-wonderful variety they bring to the world), and adventures and want to capture the beauty of it all!

I enjoy exploring personal style in light of life stories, and i love genuine expression and seeing people shine with confidence–The love of these things is my main reason for starting Story Behind The Cloth.

I’ll also mention: i don’t capitalize “i”, except for emphasis, as a statement of equality — i’m no greater than you, him, her or them…so why should i capitalize “I” and not “You”?

It’s important to me that this blog is highly interactive. Without your stories, and your thoughts on style, there’s only mine to tell. Life is so full of variety and beauty, and i can’t present it all on my own. Your story is beautiful, and i would love to hear about it!
Come connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!
Or, feel free to shoot me an email at 🙂

Have an outfit or piece of clothing that you feel speaks who you are? I’d love to see it and hear about why you love it! Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #MyStoryBehindTheCloth and i’ll feature it!

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