What is Story Behind the Cloth all about?

Story Behind the Cloth exists to explore the depths of fashion, and to uncover the meanings behind both common and uncommon styles and articles of clothing. Why do we wear what we wear? What way of dressing makes us feel most like ourselves? What story does it all tell? 


– The Story Begins –

I believe fashion is a form of storytelling…

Delving into that idea is the core purpose in starting this blog.

Many linguists see fashion as a form of non-verbal communication.
What you wear tells people who you are and what you love–It tells a story.
It’s personal and you bring it with you wherever you go.

What if we could make our clothes declare, with even greater strength, the truth of who we are?
What if our outfits could be a catalyst for conversations about the things we’re passionate about?

The plan is to explore the depths of these ideas with you.


My desire is to help you discover the styles and pieces that best express who you are, and why that is, and give you the confidence to own that. I believe you are beautiful inside and out. You are human–a mix of your own kind of crazy and wonderful. You’re full of potential. And your story is worth telling.

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The Story Begins - Fashion as a Form of Storytelling

The Story Begins – Fashion as a Form of Storytelling


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What is the writer all about?

Hi there! My name is Alissa and i’m a 20-something who loves all things creative–whether i’m getting to be part of the creative process myself, or just watching in admiration of the creativity of another.

I adore people, stories, cultures (with all the crazy-wonderful variety they bring to the world), and adventures and want to capture the beauty of it all!

I enjoy exploring personal style in light of life stories, and i love genuine expression and seeing people shine with confidence–The love of these things is my main reason for starting Story Behind The Cloth.

I’ll also mention: i don’t capitalize “i”, except for emphasis, as a statement of equality — i’m no greater than you, him, her or them…so why should i capitalize “I” and not “You”?

It’s important to me that this blog is highly interactive. Without your stories, and your thoughts on style, there’s only mine to tell. Life is so full of variety and beauty, and i can’t present it all on my own. Your story is beautiful, and i would love to hear about it!
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Have an outfit or piece of clothing that you feel speaks who you are? I’d love to see it and hear about why you love it! Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #ClothingSpeaksMe and i’ll feature it!

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